Tom Brady doesn’t care about the ball that will mark his 100,000th passing yard

Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is closing in on 100,000 total passing yards, regular season and postseason. He was asked on Thursday whether he has reminded receiver Mike Evans not to throw the ball that marks the milestone into the stands.

“Put out an APB or something like that to all the offensive guys?” Brady joked. “Yeah, I mean those things are — I’ll probably keep my jersey. I’ve been keeping more of those lately. But whatever happens, happens. It’s just a football.”

It’s just a football? Considering what those footballs go for at auction, it will be anything but just a football.

Brady also reflected more generally on the looming achievement of six figures in passing yards; it’s only 164 yards away.

“I think for me it’s a credit to all the guys that I’ve played with, and who have blocked for me, who have caught passes,” Brady said. “I think all those things are a great celebration to all those guys. I think I can’t do shit in this league without guys doing what they are amazing at, too. I’m very fortunate to play with great players, people who catch the football, great coaches, and being down here has been an amazing experience for me. Playing with Mike [Evans] and Chris [Godwin], and that’s why I came here, because of guys like that. I played with Gronk all those years. Obviously, I could name every player that I’ve played with and how meaningful they are to my life and what they’ve contributed in terms of the memories I have from this sport. So I feel like these are all — they’re great achievements, but for as much as people want to say, ‘Oh, this is what Tom Brady did,’ in my mind this is what myself and all these other people who have contributed to my life have done as well.”

Would he have thought it was crazy 22 years ago to learn he’d throw for 100,000 yards?

“I think everybody would have said we’re crazy, including me,” Brady said. “The fact that I’m still playing 23 years in is pretty — you know, it’s something that I love to do, and I’ve always enjoyed playing and the competition of this sport. So, yeah, all these kinds of lifetime achievement awards, they’re great to celebrate with everyone and one day I’ll look back and think that it was pretty cool, although my kids probably won’t care at all. That’s all right. It’s a credit to all the people that I’ve played with. Thank you.”

No, thank you. It’s been a great career. Even if things are a little rocky now, Brady remains the undisputed GOAT. He’ll only add to the legend when he gets to 100,000 yards.

8 responses to “Tom Brady doesn’t care about the ball that will mark his 100,000th passing yard

  1. Brady giving credit to everyone around him for his achievements. Somehow this will be construed into him being selfish and saying it was all him.

  2. Tom can’t wait for this his final season to end……unless it isn’t and we all have to listen to speculation ALL through the off season. He has turned this into the Brett Favre farewell tour, that takes years to finally end.

  3. There is no way that he isn’t the GOAT. I can’t say I am a huge fan of his, but there is no denying that has been the greatest ever. Anyone QB you try to compare him to he is better, other than rushing yards, which should not be a stat used to compare QB’s. He has done it with relatively unknown receivers other than that year with Moss and you saw what happened there. There is know LeBron type Jordan discussions here.

  4. you saw what happened there

    Sure did. Tommy ran his mouth on the Giants defense before the game and they embarrassed him. Biggest loss in the history of professional sports. Looked good on him!

  5. Way to live in the past. I think he made up for it by leading his team to 4 more SB wins. Brady thrives in your head daily.

  6. I love how the fan club thinks Tommy is doing something amazing n Tampa. Lol

    Hate to break it to ya but Peyton in Denver was so much better than Tommy in Tampa 🙂

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