Curtis Samuel’s 49-yard touchdown catch gives Commanders their first lead


The Commanders needed only 59 seconds in the second half to take their first lead.

Antonio Gibson returned the second half kickoff 45 yards to the Washington 48 before Akayleb Evans pushed him out of bounds. Two plays later, the Commanders led 10-7.

Taylor Heinicke threw into triple coverage, and got a little help from the back judge, as Curtis Samuel came down with a 49-yard pass. Samuel caught the ball short of the goal line, hit the ground and found his way into the end zone before being touched down.

It was Samuel’s first touchdown since Week 2.

Heinicke now is 7-of-15 for 97 yards.

The Vikings have ruled out cornerback Cameron Dantzler with an ankle injury. Evans has replaced him.

3 responses to “Curtis Samuel’s 49-yard touchdown catch gives Commanders their first lead

  1. Nice pick by the ref BJ on the play. Get out of the way.Absurd play, goes from a prayer throw that was a pick to a TD because of this guy in the way.

  2. Absolutely awful interference by the back judge. No excuse for performance that bad from an ‘official’.

    Happy to get the W, but abysmal officiating most of the game.

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