Jaguars erase 17-0 deficit to beat Raiders 27-20

Las Vegas Raiders v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Jaguars were down 17-0 after Davante Adams’ second touchdown reception of the game.

The Raiders were rolling. Adams had six catches for 88 yards with a TD after just the first quarter alone.

But you don’t win a game just because you’re ahead with 10:51 left in the second quarter.

And so, the Jaguars outscored the Raiders 27-3 for the rest of the game and beat Las Vegas 27-20.

Jacksonville got on the board with running back Travis Etienne’s 1-yard touchdown run with 4:50 left in the second quarter. And the club narrowed the deficit with Riley Patterson’s 44-yard field goal as time expired in the second period.

Then head coach Doug Pederson’s squad dominated the second half. Receiver Christian Kirk caught a 7-yard touchdown with 10:15 left in the third quarter to make the score 20-17. And Etienne posted the go-ahead touchdown with a 5-yard run early in the fourth quarter.

The Raiders had a couple of late chances. But on fourth-and-2 from the Las Vegas 39 with 2:30 left, quarterback Derek Carr’s pass went off Hunter Renfrow’s hands for a turnover on downs.

Patterson made it 27-20 with a 48-yard field goal with 1:08 left. But the Raiders didn’t do anything with their last chance, a 7-yard sack on third-and-10 taking away any realistic shot of a fourth down conversion.

Adams had nine catches on nine targets for 146 yards with two touchdowns in the first half. He finished the game with 10 catches on 17 targets with 146 yards and two touchdowns.

Carr ended the game 21-of-36 passing for 259 yards with two TDs.

Per Josh Dubow of the Associated Press, in 628 regular-season and postseason games before head coach Josh McDaniels arrived this year, the club had lost just three times when leading a game by at least 17 points. In 2022, the Raiders have now lost three games when leading by at least 17 points.

For the Jaguars, quarterback Trevor Lawrence was 25-of-31 for 235 yards with a touchdown. Etienne had another strong game with 109 yards rushing and a pair of rushing touchdowns. He also had two catches for 17 yards.

At 3-6, the Jaguars will head to Kansas City to play the Chiefs next weekend.

The 2-6 Raiders will host the 3-5-1 Colts in Week 10.

21 responses to “Jaguars erase 17-0 deficit to beat Raiders 27-20

  1. Someone has to pay for what theyve done to the Raiders. If youre not gonna fire Mcdaniels then Graham needs to go, this defense is terrible. The team was built around a Cover 3 scheme and you come in and run weird formations with Crosby and Jones standing up/ 5 Lineman sets with 6DBs and they still cant cover anyone or get pressure. Giving up huge lead after huge lead is unacceptable. Oline got mauled the 2nd half and Davantes 3 drops in the second half were brutal. This team is completely lost it doesnt matter how good the offense plays because the defense will blow it.

  2. Not that I follow LV all that closely but dang were they not supposed to be a playoff team in all those pre season predictions by all the varied experts n double dang like how the hell can the mighty McD be this bad a coach twice in a row ?? as thought the players were supposed to be better than tis ?? … n doubt McD gits fired as bad haircut boy is too cheap to pay two head coaches at the same time.

  3. Every week they find a new way to break my heart. 50 years every single week they kill me.
    Maybe i can jump on the Jets bandwagon? Please fire the whole coaching staff and get rid of Carr im sick of looking at his eye shadow.

  4. Everything you need to know about how bad it is…

    Per Josh Dubow of the Associated Press, in 628 regular-season and postseason games before head coach Josh McDaniels arrived this year, the club had lost just three times when leading a game by at least 17 points. In 2022, the Raiders have now lost three games when leading by at least 17 points


  5. And why again was THIS attempt to duplicate the Pats success supposed to work after all the previous failures?
    Cut the cord. Yes the defense is bad, I think Graham does his best with bad ingredients – but no pass rush and weak run defense is hard to overcome. Gruden’s drafts were horrible. Unfixable with the current players. And again,vid Carr led this team to two playoff berths. And Davis canned both coaches for over-inflated, visor-wearing punks.

  6. Raiders had their man !!! Last Year! We didn’t they offer him the full time gig again?!

  7. To blow a 17 point lead to a team that was on a five-game losing streak an to a team as inept as the Jaguars I would definitely fired the head coach. Are the teams capable of winning the division perhaps not but they have enough talent to make the playoffs and to lose the way that they did tells me that somethings amiss.

  8. Trevor Lawrence looked decent for a change but Doug Pederson still has much work to do to fix this kid.
    The Raiders…where do we start? McDaniels has proven ONCE AGAIN he’s not a Head Coach and Vegas is suffering because of it…not to mention Carr the perennial underachiever he is.

  9. Year 9 of raiders fans blaming anything and everything but Carr. They won’t win till he’s gone. Guys a loser. Simple as that.

  10. McDaniels deserves whatever he gets, and by that I mean fired without any more money coming his way.

  11. I noticed how Tae had so many receptions early and thought he could have 15-20 this game if they continue this. Apparently things changed in the second half; however, 7 missed targets? He can’t complain about the lack of targets, that’s for sure. Between him and Josh Jacobs, they should be able to continue and score more than 3 points after the 17-0 lead.
    Not a Raiders fan but I thought they should’ve kept last years interim coach.

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