New video doesn’t alter Alvin Kamara’s status

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The NFL has not previously placed running back Alvin Kamara on paid leave, even though he’s facing felony battery charges in Nevada. Saturday’s development hasn’t changed that position.

A league spokesman told PFT on Saturday that the new video from that purports to show the attack, with Kamara engaged in it, will not change Kamara’s status.

“We continue to monitor all legal developments in the matter which remains under review,” the league said.

Paid leave is available for players facing, among other things, felony assault or battery charges. But it’s not mandatory. Each decision is made on a case-by-case basis.

And each case is driven, as a practical matter, by very real P.R. considerations. The Personal Conduct Policy is a P.R. tool. Paid leave is part of that policy. It ultimately gives the league the ability to determine whether having a player on the field, and in turn having broadcast partners check the box on his pending legal developments, is sufficiently harmful to the brand to justify paying him to go away while the criminal case ends.

Kamara has a hearing set for November 9. Once it resolves, Kamara faces discipline, including a potential baseline suspension of six games.

8 responses to “New video doesn’t alter Alvin Kamara’s status

  1. Hearing means that is just the first part? I believe. Probably means he still plays the rest of this season i hope

  2. if this was an offensive lineman he would be out, but because they want to squeeze every penny out of his name he can play. the saints would really suck if he doesn’t play

  3. All about cheating and ratings. Goodell doesn’t have a principled or ethical bone in his body.

  4. This team also pursued Deshaun Watson so that tells you everything you need to know about the Saints and their ownership.

  5. He’ll get a suspension. The NFL is afraid of being taken to court while legal case is pending. If they suspend him now, he’ll go get an injunction. Whatever happened to the exempt list?

  6. NFL favors the Saints for some reason. For Pete’s sake they handed them a Super Bowl in 2010. They’ll wait until the Saints are eliminated and then suspend kamara.

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