Report: Daniel Snyder wants to sell it all, for $7 billion

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Forget about $5 billion. Or $6 billion. Daniel Snyder wants more.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports that Snyder hopes to get $7 billion for the Commanders, and that he’s selling all of it — not some of it.

If Snyder gets that amount, it would represent quite the return on his original investment of $750 million.

Per Glazer, the goal would be to complete the transaction by March 2023.

The Broncos sold earlier this year for $4.65 billion, a record. If Snyder gets $7 billion, that’s a 50-percent bump.

As reported earlier today, at least six credible potential owners have expressed interest in buying the team, in the four days since the franchise officially landed on the market. The sheer number of interested buyers will serve only to drive the price higher and higher.

28 responses to “Report: Daniel Snyder wants to sell it all, for $7 billion

  1. He wants to set the market price so high nobody will pay him for it so he gets to keep the team.

  2. He knows who the top bidder is, how badly they want it, how long they’ve spent hunting it, and how much money they have to spend. He shouldn’t sell it for a penny less, all things considered. That should be a mere starting price.

  3. The only people that would pay so much for the Commanders is someone with so much money they don’t care if they never turn a profit.

  4. The number is irrelevant. Dude was a grifter. The league will only approve of who they approve of. So it will sell to who they want.

    He drove the greatest money making franchise into the ground.

    How hard is it to sell tickets when you have 11k registered lobbyist in DC? Oh and they spend more than that a year buying votes.

  5. blowncallssuck says:
    November 6, 2022 at 4:00 pm
    The number is irrelevant. Dude was a grifter.


    Ahh yes, owning an NFL team. They pettiest, small-scale operation there is.

    Learn words.

  6. It’s hard to believe that someone as stupid as Snyder made enough money to buy the team in the first place.

  7. He’ll get it, too. How is an NFL team not worth $7 billion? Anyone who buys it will see its value go beyond that in 10 years. The NFL wants to become a global entity, and before long $7 billion will be seen as a good price.

  8. There are risks to that assumption. The forward assumption is NFL teams will continue increasing in value but what if someone dies in an NFL game? There’s a tremendous “status” premium in these valuations. NFL franchises should be fairly valued around ~$1-$2 billion, based on publicly available financials Green Bay puts out & compared to other available investments (real estate, stocks etc). These billionaires don’t buy NFL franchises to get richer, they buy them because they want to own an NFL team.

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