Sunday Night Football: Patrick Mahomes leads Chiefs to comeback overtime victory over Titans

Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs
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Patrick Mahomes passed for 446 yards and ran for 63. The Chiefs needed every one of those against an unrelenting Titans team.

Mahomes directed his 11th career game-winning drive in the fourth quarter or overtime as the Chiefs beat the Titans 20-17 in overtime.

The Chiefs improved to 6-2, and the Titans fell to 5-3.

The Chiefs won the coin toss in overtime and went 64 yards in 13 plays. They went for it on fourth-and-one at the Tennessee 13, and Mahomes completed a 2-yard pass to JuJu Smith-Schuster. Three consecutive incompletions, though, led to a Harrison Butker field goal anyway. Butker, who missed an extra point and a 47-yard field goal earlier in the night, was good from 28 yards.

The Titans had a chance to answer, but Derrick Henry picked up 1 yard before rookie Malik Willis took back-to-back sacks. Khalen Saunders sacked Willis for a 12-yard loss, and Chris Jones and Carlos Dunlap split a 5-yard sack of Willis for the Chiefs’ only sacks of the game.

Willis’ fourth-and-26 attempt had no prayer.

Without Ryan Tannehill, who missed the game with an ankle injury, the Titans had no passing game. Willis completed only 5 of 16 passes for 80 yards. More than half of that came on the team’s first play from scrimmage when Chigoziem Okonkwo broke several tackles at the line of scrimmage and broke free for a 48-yard catch-and-run.

The Titans had 22 total yards of offense in the second half and overtime combined.

The Chiefs had no running game, except when Mahomes ran it.

He ran for a 14-yard touchdown with 2:56 remaining in the fourth quarter to draw the Chiefs to within 17-15. The Chiefs had three attempts at the two-point conversion after offsetting penalties was followed by a defensive holding penalty on Joshua Kalu, who held Travis Kelce. On the third try, Mahomes ran it in to tie the game.

The Chiefs then had a chance to win it in regulation. They went for it on fourth-and-inches from their own 45 with 1:00 remaining, and Clyde Edwards-Helaire picked it up with a 2-yard run. But Mahomes threw three consecutive incompletions, forcing a punt and giving the ball back to the Titans with 35 seconds left.

The Titans threw three incompletions and punted it back to Kansas City, which had an incompletion and a 33-yard catch-and-run by Mecole Hardman to the Tennessee 27 as time expired.

The Chiefs scored only nine points through three quarters, the fewest they had scored since Week 7 against Tennessee last season. The Chiefs lost that game 27-3.

On Sunday night, the Chiefs scored on their first two drives. They took the opening kickoff and drove 69 yards in 15 plays before stalling at the Tennessee 5. Kansas City settled for a chip-shot, 23-yard field goal by Butker.

They made it 9-0 on Hardman’s 7-yard catch-and-run on the first play of the second quarter, but Butker missed the extra point.

The Chiefs then failed to score on seven consecutive possessions. They had five punts, an interception and a missed Butker field goal. It was first time since 2018 against the Colts that the Chiefs had gone seven consecutive drives without scoring a point.

But the Chiefs scored the final 11 points to win it.

The Titans had 48 plays. Mahomes had 68 pass attempts, tying for the third most in NFL history in a single game behind only Drew Bledsoe (70) and Vinny Testaverde (69).

29 responses to “Sunday Night Football: Patrick Mahomes leads Chiefs to comeback overtime victory over Titans

  1. Chiefs look better than last year. Could definitely see them getting through the Wildcard to the Divisional round this year.

  2. The Titans D made Mahomes look like Lamar Jackson in the 4th quarter running and picking 1st downs

  3. Refs handed that game to Mahomes on a silver platter. Feel bad for Tennessee who outplayed KC but couldn’t beat all the calls too.

    It’s embarrassing to watch

  4. The Refs stole this game from the Titans. Should have been offsetting penalties on the 2 point attempt. Kelsey should have been called for unsportsmanlike like conduct for pulling the Titans defender helmet off. In the OT The Titans offensive coordinator should be fired. He has 22 years of NFL experience, yet he failed to call intermediate routes or wheel routes to their best player Henry to ease the pass rush and to give his rookie quarterback a chance. He was calling long develop routes exposing his rookie quarterback to being sack because of indecision. Also Mike Vabel left his defense gasping for air on the Chiefs winning field goal drive. He failed to call a timeout to give his defense a rest, so they could be energized to make a stop. The Chiefs made the timeout for them. The defense just had enough to stop a touchdown. How do these guys keep their jobs.

  5. Very entertaining game. Dungy was right, Titans are strong at the line of scrimmag3, both sides. Titans downfall will be QB, yet again.

  6. I’m impressed with the titans defense despite how many yard Mahomes put up. That’s a dangerous team with tannehill, not that he’s anything special but he can at least do a little more than Willis. As an eagles fan, I think that’s one of the losses on their schedule with the run game they have. Bad matchup for the birds & in tennesse. That’s only with tannehill, Willis ain’t beating them.

  7. There’s been a ton of ugly football this year. More than I remember in recent history and we’re passed the halfway point. Maybe more practice time is needed. I realize it hurts fantasy/gambling products as far as money changing hands goes but it’s a pretty ugly to the average fan. Keeping star players on the field is one thing, keeping a watchable competitive product out there is another.

  8. KC fan who knows Mahomes has not had the greatest final drives at the end of games lately. The INT he threw in OT against Cincy was the first crack in the foundation. Then the INT on the final drive against Indy a few weeks ago combined with his final drive against Buffalo and now Tennessee. He just seems prone to throwing INT’s or stalling out on those final drive situations. It could also be the play-calling.

  9. Now that’s my QB! Does not choke under pressure! He eats that DUB no matter through the air OR his legs if he has to. It’s cute to say others are on his level but it’s not even close!

  10. The Titans are a grown man football team. Never excited to play them, however there are good odds we clash again in a couple months. Hats off to them, but Go Chiefs!

  11. Kelce rips Kula’s helmet off his head within 5 yards on the initial
    two point conversion and Kula is called for holding. Clearly hands to the face so instead of a failed two conversion giving Tennessee a 19-17 lead KC given another chance.

  12. Good win against a tough team. But it was looking like their last SB with Mahomes running for his life on a lot of pass plays. Not sustainable

  13. Kelce clearly pushed off. Although the second half was thanks to the Chiefs defense keeping Henry in check that push off was blatant and yet it got called holding on the Titans.

  14. Titans got away with literally holding, of one type or another, on every play and they want to cry about refs. Yet the chiefs end the game with more penalties. Ok it’s offsetting penalties, it was a yard, the down would have been replayed regardless. Be proud of your defense for keeping it close while completing 5 pass attempts.

  15. Mahomes literally willed that team to a win . It’s crazy hearing all of you out there trying to make fun of Mahomes in any way possible yet I know almost every team would take him as their starter in a heartbeat. One titans fan had the audacity to say Tannehill is a better qb. I don’t know if it’s delusion or jealousy but it’s definitely not the truth . The truth is he’s better than any of your quarterbacks

  16. Patrick is 56 and 15 as a starter and on about 40 of those wins other teams fans have cried the refs did it! Or Mahomes got lucky. Haha, you all keep crying and we will keep winning.

  17. Yep…it’s all the Refs fault, it was the Refs that didn’t run Henry in the second half. It was the Refs that let Mahomes run forever on a 3rd & 15. It was the Refs that didn’t score in the 2nd half. Definitely the Refs fault.

  18. Chiefs keep winning and we get to read all these comments about how the refs gave it to them week after week. Wish the people making the comments would identify their teams.

  19. You can’t make excuses for a 22 year NFL experience play caller for the Titans that let the Chiefs steal a win. He exposed a rookie quarterback to an almost beating in the last second of OT. He took the ball out of the hands of his best player Henry in the passing game, since the Titans no longer have AJ Brown. As I said before he had those 3rd string receivers running deep routes instead of short intermediate routes in OT to give the rookie quarterback a chance to compete a pass. The tape doesn’t lie.

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