Aaron Rodgers embraces fact that Packers will be “counted out”

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
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The 3-6 Packers have lost five games in a row, a streak that began in London with a loss to the Giants. They officially bottomed out on Sunday, losing to the one-win Lions and mustering only nine points.

During his post-game press conference on Sunday, Rodgers was asked this question: “You’ve been pretty optimistic these last couple weeks, saying ‘all it takes is one.’ Sounds like there’s still a little bit of that left. But how do you — I’m not trying to be disrespectul in saying this — how do you believe that you guys can still turn it around after you guys just lost to that team?”

Rodgers paused for roughly 13 seconds before responding.

“I’ve been counted out many times in my life, as have many of my teammates,” he said. “And I hope we just dig deep and find a way. We will truly be underdogs for many games moving forward. Hopefully, we can embrace that. We have two games at home. We’ve got to go win those two games in a week, and then this thing looks a little different.”

It was the second time Rodgers said during the press conference that the Packers will be “counted out.” He initially made the remark after he was asked whether he regrets not retiring.

If they’ll be counted out, it’s for good reason. They’ve counted themselves out by losing game after game after game.

No, it’s not over yet. Sure, they play a pair of home games four days apart, with the Cowboys coming town on Sunday and the Titans arriving the following Thursday.

But then come trips to Philadelphia on a Sunday night and a visit Chicago after that, before a Week 14 bye. Four games to go before getting some time to regroup. They could be 7-6, they could be 3-10. They could be somewhere in between.

Regardless, it’s a little lame to seek motivation from being “counted out.” He’s not the first player to play that card. A team plays poorly, people who get paid to point such things out do so, and then the team that played poorly gets indignant because people are pointing out how poorly they’ve played.

They remain very much alive, even if Rodgers is showing up for every post-game press conference dressed like he’s going to a funeral. If they get to the playoffs as a low seed, they could be as dangerous as they were in 2010.

But first they’ve got to get to the playoffs. It won’t be easy. They will be counted out. They’ll be counted out because of their own failures through the first nine weeks of the season.

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  1. Give him credit, he’s said all the right things this season. Even if his play isn’t there.

  2. Hopefully the Lions will answer the question of “How can you lose to that team?” again later this year.

  3. 2004 they started 1-4, with 4 losses in a row after week 1. 2 pretty gnarly blowouts.

    That was a much better offense. Theoretically, this should be a much better defense.

    Its going to be interesting to watch. Looks like an absolute trainwreck at this point.

  4. Well the Packers are doing their best to prove wrong anyone who doesn’t count them out.

  5. 2010 they could have been a juggernaut if not for all the injuries.

    8 starters landed on IR. Their RB, TE, RT, 3 LBers, and a S.

  6. Anybody that can do math knows this isn’t going to happen! Even to have a chance they would need to win all remaining games! You couldn’t beat the Lions Aaron how do plan on beating the Eagles, Vikings and Cowboys! Please lose and put Love in so he can look terrible as well! We need to draft a Stud QB this year!

  7. Embrace the suck. Lolol I was told all off-season how the packers already had the north locked up before the season even started.
    No worries the Packer fans can declare off-season champions again after this season ends.

  8. Well at least you weren’t “me first” and took a team friendly contract, ensuring you would be surrounded by playmakers. Oh wait..

  9. Getting to the playoffs isn’t going to happen because they have no significant passing game and defenses know it. Some of that is the receiving corps (they supposedly offered a #1 pick to Carolina for Moore) and some of it is Rodgers, who made several awful throws on Sunday. Lots of work to do in the offseason.

  10. He built his game off of being able to beat the NFC north 2 games each every year then he’d go to the playoffs and meet up with stiff competition and get smoked. NOW he’s loosing to NFC north teams and there’s no hiding from the fact that dude really is only a media sensation with the same amount of rings as Trent Dilfer

  11. You can’t feed all the other cats when one cat gets all the food! Rodgers has sucked up all the Packers cap space and $$$.

  12. Cowboys, Titans, @Eagles, @Bears, Rams, @Dolphins, Vikings, Lions.

    At least three losses in remaining seven games. Probably five. Consider yourself counted out.

  13. Sad it before and will say it again, that team has won 13 games in each of the prior 3 years, so I’m not sure cheesers should break out the torches and pitchforks just yet. Then again, this has been about as entertaining as Young Frankenstein.

  14. yeahanditsdeep2 says:
    November 7, 2022 at 11:33 am
    He built his game off of being able to beat the NFC north 2 games each every year then he’d go to the playoffs and meet up with stiff competition and get smoked. NOW he’s loosing to NFC north teams and there’s no hiding from the fact that dude really is only a media sensation with the same amount of rings as Trent Dilfer

    This is the truth in a nutshell. Winning 5-6 games a year in a weak division has definitely gotten GB to the position it’s been in year after year and also the position of Matt LaFleur who’s really earned nothing on his own (I may change my opinion of that if his supposed offensive guru-ness has the same success with Jordan Love, but I’d never bet money on that outcome) And now that this formula has been flushed down the sewer we see whiny, spoiled Packers fans wanting this person and that person fired, as if that will change the inevitability of this team. They need to face facts: it’s over, Lenny. After 28y, it’s finally over, and it’s back to the drawing board. Finally. And now GB fans and their critical, condescending, holier-than-thou behavior over nearly 3 decades, can feel what 31 other teams have felt over and over during the same time frame when they were being bashed by this sanctimonious crew.

  15. They crunched the numbers and the packers have a 5% chance to make playoffs and a 1% chance of winning the NFCN

  16. I look forward to the day when AR12 admits that his salary has hamstrung the team. I also buy lottery tickets and believe in the Easter Bunny.

  17. Schadenfreude. Karma is paying a visit to Mr. Rodgers.

    I guess that throwing your teammates under the bus isn’t always the best thing to do.

  18. Anyone remember seeing bumper stickers on cars of Packer fans which read ‘God must be a Packer fan,’ when they won the Super Bowl? Guess it was all in their heads. Either that, or God’s had it with their arrogance and thinks it’s time they were given a dose of humility.

  19. Right now the best they can hope for is a low playoff seed. Division title is already out of reach with 8 games to go.

    What I didn’t hear was any self-reflection. Bakhtiari was wide open in the end zone and you underthrew him by 5 yards for that pick.

    Do I hope the Packers beat the Cowboys? Sure, but my money will go on the Cowboys to win that game.

  20. They might be the worst team in football right now. No team is worried about playing them.

  21. This season proves what’s been clear over the last few seasons, accentuated by this season’s mess, i.e., if Rodgers is playing crap: which he is. Then what’s the benefit use in bringing another QB. If Rodgers wasn’t playing then the Packers wouldn’t win a game under it’s present regime. The front office (Gutekunst) is poor; LaFleur is out of his depth IMO. He doesn’t have the cojones to stand up to Rodgers.

    It was no surprise to me that they got rolled over by the 49ers in the play offs last year. They have not won the big play-off games the last 3 years: Special teams have not performed well; the much vaunted defense the same; offensive line gone backwards.

    Blaming it all on Rodgers is easy. QB’s get too much credit when it’s going well and too much blame when they get beaten. Yes, Rodgers by his own standards is playing poorly and downgraded the team with his last contract, but how do you let Adams and MVS walk out the door. There’s always ways and means. It appears the salary cap can be defeated.

    Rodgers should talk less and get on with the job because the activity by the front office in getting two SB’s when you have two Hall of Famers is where the real blame is, the front office. Those 13 win seasons mask the issues. Easy wins against div rivals. the Vikings upgraded the roster and the Coach. Consequently, the division rivals have all improved their rosters.

  22. yeah they are done. Look at the remaining schedule. They could very well not win another game this season. Bears are a sneaky team and the Lions have proven they are the better team.

  23. Hello, darkness, my old friend… We’ve been spoiled for 25 years with Favre and Rodgers. Starr, Gregg, Infante. The Dark Ages are returning.

  24. Five straight losses will get you counted out. Heck, your strategy against buffalo was to not get blown out, not go for the win.

  25. You’re done. Cap hell

    Your team is 3rd to last presently.

    Back to the Patriots section, please.

  26. Rodgers needs to simplify, get back to basics, build up the fundamentals. I hope this means he goes back to doing that ridiculous championship belt gesture, his discount double check. This season should’ve been a deep discount.

  27. Don’t go Aaron. We need you in the playoffs.
    It’s like getting a free by-week in the post season

    – 49er fan

  28. AR12’s endorsement deals will fade as victories do. He will find out that he really isn’t as special as his sycophants have been telling him he is over the last decade and a half.

  29. Don’t go Aaron. We need you in the playoffs.
    It’s like getting a free by-week in the post season

    – 49er fan

    We call

    – Steve Young

  30. Does he mean counted out so a lesser team might sneak out a win? Like GB counted out Detroit?

  31. How many times have we heard how great this guy is and like all the pretenders it always turns out the same – lots of physical talent but lacking the gut to lead and drive a team to win in big moments. And You know who is still out there. Yeah, that guy, the one and only, the real deal. He might be old as hell and not what he was but his gut hasn’t shrunk any.

  32. Yes, Aaron needs to accept some of the blame,…but it’s not all on him.
    Some of it is on LaFleur’s play calling,…. he might as well give that to Aaron and let him audible everything kinda like Peyton Manning did his last few years in Indy. Tom Moore would give Peyton a couple play call ideas. Some of it’s on the Defense and dumb penalties. I’m not a fan of zone coverage. Some of it is new players on offense not following or understanding the play calls or audibles. In any case,… it’s a mess. Jobs are on the line. Coaching and Players,…. maybe front office.

  33. Even if the Cowboys don’t get them Sunday they have to play the Titans 4 days later. Then the Eagles and Vikings after that. They’re done

  34. Playoffs? Playoffs? Playoffs? The Packers just hope they can win another game this year. Maybe they can hire Jim Mora Sr as a consultant.

  35. Consequently, the division rivals have all improved their rosters.

    Detroit? Trading their best player last week?


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