Colts name Jeff Saturday interim head coach

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It’s been quite a Monday.

The Colts, after an erroneous report from the Indianapolis Star that defensive assistant John Fox would become the interim coach, have hired Jeff Saturday to take over the team.

The 47-year-old member of the team’s Ring of Honor last played for the Colts in 2011. He works for ESPN, and he has served as a “consultant” (per the team) in recent years.

It’s unclear how much consulting he has actually done, and whether that’s enough of a connection to the coaching staff to circumvent potential application of the Rooney Rule to an interim hire from outside the team.

Regardless, Saturday’s only coaching experience comes at the high-school level. Which makes the move a head-scratcher, to say the least.

Saturday attended last weekend’s Commanders-Colts game. At halftime, former Colts tackle Tarik Glenn was added to the team’s Ring of Honor.

124 responses to “Colts name Jeff Saturday interim head coach

  1. Jim, I also have three years of high school coaching experience. Consider this my application for OC.

  2. …and here I am thinking his dad was bad at owning a team…..

    1 too many pills there, Jim?

  3. Well that certainly is an… interesting choice.

    I mean he’s obviously highly intelligent football-wise, you have to be to have teamed up with Peyton all those years.

    Best I can say is… we’ll see.

  4. Head-scratcher indeed. I assumed it would either be Gus Bradley or maybe John Fox. Hard time understanding this decision other than Irsay has given up on the season and plans to start with a clean slate next year.

  5. Saturday, in the park, I think it must be the the Fourth of July, or….some random world we live in where dudes off the street get named as one of 32 head coaches in the NFL

  6. When you name a first year 6th round pick as starting QB you deserve to get your butt kicked. The owner did no favors for that coaching staff.

  7. Regardless, Saturday’s only coaching experience comes at the high-school level. Which makes the move a head-scratcher, to say the least.


    It feels like the Colts are pulling a prank on the rest of the NFL today. This has to be a first hiring someone out of the booth with no coaching experience after week 9?

    I thought the Houston Texans pining for Josh McCown to be their head coach despite no coaching experience because he’s an evangelical and passes the religious test that’s been in place the last few years was bad but this is the second worst coaching search i’ve seen.

  8. The Sherriff knows better than to get involved with this mess. Best wishes Mr. Saturday.

  9. This can’t actually be real.

    If Goodell cares at all about the integrity of the league, he better start up a tanking investigation

  10. This is just dumb. A high school coach who last played in the NFL 10 years ago and has not even met the players. Can’t fix stupid.

  11. Why doesn’t Jimmy Irsay coach the team? He learned so much from being in charge all these years. And from his father before that. And he was so successful in all his endeavors prior to owning a football team. Oh wait. Never mind. Jeff Saturday is a fine choice. He may even beat Joe Thomas’s record coaching the Colts, Tiger Bob’s big choice. What clowns the Irsays have been as NFL owners. Baltimore got the better deal ridding themselves of this team.

  12. Gone! Thought Frank Reich may be on the hot seat, with the Raiders game as his last chance. In the same breath, Josh McDaniels of the Raiders should take notice he may not be far behind Reich.

  13. Surprised Saturday took this gig. Without any coaching experience (except high school) he will look bad and damage his reputation. The Colts are jockeying for the best draft position.

  14. It is fitting that the Colts hired a Saturday guy to do a Sunday job. At least in this case, it may kind of work out.

  15. I understand the firing but the hiring of a person outside of the current coaching staff is bewildering.

  16. Career Goal (stated on resume):

    To use my inexperience as tanking prowess so team finishes 3-13-1…..thereby qualifying for the first
    draft pick.

  17. So they hire a guy who has never coached at the college or NFL level? His only coaching experience was for 3 years at a private high school and he stepped down because it was too time consuming, wanted to focus more on his more demanding job at ESPN. Colts did the right think in firing Reich but this is almost unheard of hiring someone not even in the NFL and has never coached mid-season. People mocked the Texas last year for considering QB Josh McCown as their HC. This is much worse. Gus Bradley is on their staff. Why not promote him as interim HC because obviously the Colts will hire a new HC in the offseason.

  18. Well last week Irsays behavior had everyone speculating that maybe Jim has relapsed. Well, those rumors are now confirmed.

  19. Oh Jeff, don’t let the fact your only coaching experience is at the high school level hold you back. I’m certain you’ll have no problem beating the Raiders next Sunday in Vegas!

  20. “Regardless, Saturday’s only coaching experience comes at the high-school level.”

    I guess that the Colts management has entered the draft pick sweepstakes. They actually chose an integrum head coach with no college or pro coaching experience.

  21. Even with no professional head coaching experience he’s still a better option than John Fox.

  22. Well jeez, if coaching experience isn’t a requirement, why didn’t they hire me? I haven’t even played Pop Warner. Are OC and DC still open?

  23. Saturday is probably there as a trusted source to evaluate players and assistant coaches.In other words a spying snitch.

  24. To paraphrase Popeye’s friend Wimpy “I will gladly pay you Saturday for a victory today”

  25. Browns fans must be relieved that Freddie Kitchens is no longer the most “what were you thinking” coach hire in NFL history.

    Texans fans must be mad that the Colts even beat them in weird coaching hires when the team passed on hiring Josh McCown to coach and play QB like they thought about.

  26. Jim Irsay: “Why does my team suck?”

    Also Jim Irsay: “I will hire a guy with no coaching experience!”

  27. It’s too late to tank. They have the 14th pick right now. A lot of bad football teams this year. That tie is going to kill them. The Colts screwed up tanking.

  28. LOL did they forget about Peyton? He would be a fine choice im sure but hes happy doing his thing right now maybe later?

  29. Another bad choice. Cant get a Qb or coach ha. Great player for colts but No coaching experience so let’s throw him in mid season instead of current staff.

  30. Peyton wouldn’t take the job. Two franchises I couldn’t see Peyton becoming involved in except as an owner: the Colts and the Texans. Indy fired him and Houston rebuffed him when Indy fired him.

  31. So, is Matt Ryan your starting QB again or is Saturday going to bring the kid from the high school team?

  32. “When you name a first year 6th round pick as starting QB you deserve to get your butt kicked. The owner did no favors for that coaching staff.”

    Tom Brady was a 6th round pick. Just sayin……..

  33. joenash72 says:
    November 7, 2022 at 1:52 pm
    What could go wrong?

    “What could possibly go wrong?” – Timmy Turner.

  34. Solid move. He may not have any coaching experience but he doesn’t suffer fools lightly. He will bring a much needed cultural change to this soft, sad sack team.

  35. Being fired always sucks, but when you get replaced by someone who’s beyond under qualified is demeaning.

  36. Bring in Manning as OC for fun. He will call all pass plays and Jeff will be pissed telling him to run the ball. Peyton will respond with I call the effin plays … just run the damn plays. Followed by the offensive line getting involved to break up the argument. Then they all laugh and realize Irsay is the owner and they’ll be getting raises after this.

  37. Tanking for WHO? There’s no sure fire franchise QB in this draft. Leave it to the horseshoe to tank when there is nobody to tank for…hahahaha! Jimmy boy must be hitting the sauce pretty good!

  38. Well, if it’s one thing the Colts are good at it’s tanking. I mean, they’ve got it down to a science.

  39. Pittsburgh at Colts November 28th Saturday night..excuse me folks I couldn’t resist..Monday night football..I will be watching ESPN2 to hear what Peyton and Eli has to say…

  40. Very much like the Raiders, who let their interim head coach go after he took the team to the playoffs under very trying circumstances, now Irsay hires a former high school coach to be head coach. Is anyone surprised that the Colts post Luck and Manning consistently perform poorly? I mean stink.

  41. Ok so if bills don’t win SB this year.. Vegas odds of reich becoming new bills OC? I’ll take that bet

  42. Since Saturday is only the interim, I have a suggestion, Josh McDaniels will be available in January. This time he promises it will be different.

  43. I’m thinking that the issue with the Colts organization is more ownership and management than it is coaching

  44. badams says:
    November 7, 2022 at 1:08 pm
    Head-scratcher indeed. I assumed it would either be Gus Bradley or maybe John Fox. Hard time understanding this decision other than Irsay has given up on the season and plans to start with a clean slate next year.


    Not just given up, he wants to finish as dead last as possible. It worked to land him Andrew Luck so why not? Fox and Bradley have some amount of experience and just might manage to win a game or something like that.

  45. I don’t know anything about what the Colts front office has going on, Him and Irsays relationship, what the process was, what his involvement had been etc. neither does any other commentator.
    That is all.

  46. If Miami gets investigated for tampering, then Indy needs to be too for tanking. It’s pretty obvious with the benching and firings coming from the owner.

  47. Just when the league is about to get rid of Dan Snyder, Irsay jumps up to take the reigns of worst owner in the NFL

  48. The Colts quitting on a season again to get another franchise QB. I have seen this before out of Irsay.

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