Despite injured elbow, Josh Allen threw the farthest pass in the NFL in six years

NFL: NOV 06 Bills at Jets
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Bills quarterback Josh Allen injured his right elbow late in Sunday’s loss to the Jets, but that didn’t take any strength off his throwing arm.

Allen’s final pass, an incompletion to wide receiver Gabe Davis, was the farthest pass thrown in the NFL in the last six seasons.

The NFL has a microchip in every football for tracking through its Next Gen Stats, and those stats showed that the pass Allen threw to Davis traveled 69.3 yards in the air. That made it the farthest distance a thrown football has traveled in an NFL game in six seasons.

Allen showed not only great arm strength but great accuracy, putting the ball right on Davis. Unfortunately for the Bills, Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner was right on top of Davis and knocked the ball away for a game-sealing incompletion.

6 responses to “Despite injured elbow, Josh Allen threw the farthest pass in the NFL in six years

  1. That was pretty close to being caught, too. Both players kind of interfered w/ each other, so I was glad there was no flag – but it was basically on the #’s as a pass.

  2. If only they used that microchip for something relevant, like say, FIRST DOWNS or TOUCHDOWNS.

  3. Gabe Davis not used to having somebody draped over him on a go route …….spilled Sauce all over him

  4. The corner didn’t knock anything away. Davis just muffed it. Hit him in the facemask.

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