Mike McCarthy: I have great memories of Green Bay, but I’m four years removed from there

Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys
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Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy has coached a lot of games at Lambeau Field, but he’ll be doing it from a different vantage point than he’s used to in Week 10.

McCarthy will be on the visitors sideline after spending 13 seasons as the Packers head coach from 2006 to 2018. This Sunday’s visit with the Cowboys will mark his first time back since parting ways with the team and his feelings about his return to Green Bay were a topic of conversation at his press conference on Monday.

“It’s here,” McCarthy said, via Jori Epstein of Yahoo Sports. “Just like anything, you have to get ready to go win. Obviously I have great memories about Green Bay and I spent a lot of time there. But I’m four years removed from working there. . . . I really want to win the game. Is that enough?”

The Cowboys have done more winning than the Packers so far this season and they’ll be fresh off a bye while the Packers are banged up after their fifth straight loss. An extension of that streak at the hands of a former coach would be a bitter pill to swallow in Green Bay.

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  1. Ironic how MM was apparently dumped in part because of his deteriorating relationship with Rodgers, and is now set to play the Pack and Rodgers at a time similar rumors are now being floated about the Rodgers/LaFleur rift (LaFleur wants motion/Rodgers doesn’t, LaFleur wants the QB under center/Rodgers wants to line up pout of the shotgun, etc). We’ll never know, but I’d love to know what MM’s really thinking about the matchup.

  2. No dog in this fight, A-Rod has become a champion using his platform to promote self autonomy. For which he won my admiration.

    But McCarthy has been dragged over the coals since his days in Green Bay non stop. With that defense this game will be ugly and if Dak and the offense are on, I expect McCarthy to run up the score.

  3. Anyone know what the cap ramifications would be if we cut Rogers at the end of the season?

  4. Sorry, but I have nothing but respect for the job MM did in Green Bay. Like LaFleur, during the 60 minutes of the game, he can’t throw or catch the ball, block or tackle, or set an edge, or omit stupid penalties.

  5. Anyone know what the cap ramifications would be if we cut Rogers at the end of the season?

    Disastrous… $99.7~mil

  6. Every team has and can rework the cap as they can in trading Rodgers elsewhere as long as both sides agree to iT And i do believe both sides would agree. When’s the last time you saw a QB pout and act like Rodgers does i’m sure he’d jump at the chance to leave versus staying his last two good years in misery here.
    Cleary the brass would love to see him go and if fans were honest at least half would be fine with him leaving and starting over. It’s time to build a new dynasty starting with drafting one of the many great QB’s in this years draft.

  7. All these guys talking about the cap hit for cutting AR… Wake up y’all… AR will retire at the end of the season. It’s not the Packers he’s tired of. It’s football.

  8. Haven’t people noticed Rodgers’ passing lately? He’s hit the age wall at 38, like everyone else does except Brady. Packers just killed their future for years giving him all that guaranteed money and now they will pay the price for it. I can’t wait to see the reacton of the pampered Packer fans who’ve had 30 years of HOF play when they remain at the bottom of the NFCN for the next decade or two. I expect tickets to the Lambeau Mausoleum will be cheap.

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