Bears on pace to set new NFL record for rushing yards in a season

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Bears quarterback Justin Fields set a new NFL record for rushing yards in a regular-season game by a quarterback on Sunday, and the Bears may set a new NFL record for rushing yards in a season.

Through nine games, the Bears have 1,759 rushing yards this season. That puts them on pace to gain 3,323 yards in a 17-game season.

That would be a new NFL record. The current record is 3,296 rushing yards, set by the Ravens in 2019. The Ravens, of course, did it in 16 games, and the Bears may need the benefit of a 17th game if they’re going to break the record.

Fields is the Bears’ leading rushing with 602 yards, while Khalil Herbert is next with 586 yards and David Montgomery has added 397 yards. Fields and Herbert are both on pace to top 1,000 rushing yards, which would make the Bears just the eighth team ever to have two players top 1,000 rushing yards in the same season.

The Bears’ offense got off to a slow start this season, but since changing the offense to call more designed quarterback runs and allowing Fields to make full use of his athletic talents, a flip has been switched. Now the Bears have an offense that no defense wants to face.

10 responses to “Bears on pace to set new NFL record for rushing yards in a season

  1. Someone keeps saying it’s a QB league. The Bears are 3-6. I guess it is a QB league if a team that’s on pace to set a rushing record is 3-6.

  2. Well, I’d like to see the records as Super Bowl era 14, 16, and now 17 game records. “Single season” doesn’t mean much anymore.

    Still, it’s good to see the Bears improving this year. That’s really all I have been hoping for.

  3. After 3 weeks the NFL world shouldn’t have been trashing Fields. By the same token, after the last 3 games, they shouldn’t be nominating him to the HOF either.

  4. Weird that in a passing league, the Bears, who have never had one of those 4000+ yard season QBs in the modern era could set the single season rushing yards record. Its so weirdly Bears-like…..

  5. This is complete cope. Justin fields is NOT NFL material. Who cares about rushing yards when your team can’t break .500

  6. New system, patchwork wideouts. Fields will lead the North soon enough.

    In passing yards.

  7. It’s good they have a formidable ground game that can grind down most opponents. Unfortunately they also have a defense so weak the most feeble offense in the league can cut through it like a knife through butter.

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