Packers president Mark Murphy: We are not ready to give up on the season

New England Patriots v Green Bay Packers
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The Packers have lost five games in a row to fall to 3-6 with former head coach Mike McCarthy returning to town with the Cowboys on Sunday. Green Bay now is four games behind the Vikings in the win column in the NFC North.

Yet, Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy said it’s too early to write off the season.

We’re all very disappointed. The expectations, and rightly so, were very high going into the season,” Murphy said Tuesday during a conference call with fans that is part of a sponsorship program with Kwik Trip, via Richard Ryman of the Green Bay Press Gazette. “I have a lot of confidence in Matt LaFleur, Brian Gutekunst, and [football executive] Russ Ball. My expectation is we will play well, and we will improve. I know things look bleak now, but things can change quickly in the NFL. We are not ready to give up on the season.”

The Packers started 3-1 before blowing a 10-point second half lead in London against the Giants. They have not been headed in the wrong direction since.

They have not had a losing record since McCarthy’s final season in Green Bay. The Packers were 4-7-1 when Murphy fired McCarthy, and they finished 6-9-1.

38 responses to “Packers president Mark Murphy: We are not ready to give up on the season

  1. Ya they won’t be turning it around against Dallas, eagles, vikes. Blaim is on you for picking gutt and Barry, two losers who threw the team an anchor.

  2. Jeez, Mark, does that imply you will be soon?

    Promise us fans this: if you do give up on it, let Love play the remainder of the season and tell the media you had to shut 12 down because that thumb he’s always grabbing is worse off than anyone thought. Especially after INTs.

  3. The beauty of the NFL is that YOU don’t have to give up on a season for the season to give up on you, Mark.

  4. What else is he going to say, ‘We have given up on the season?’ That would be foolish. The Packer faithful would ask for his head (not literally), although if they lose the next 3 games, that could very well happen. Next would be the GM and Rodgers. Not LaFleur tho.’ Why? it’s more than likely not easy coaching a huge egocentric molecule like Rodgers, who probably changes plays at the line of scrimmage and does whatever he wants.

  5. Really? What else is he going to say. “Well, Matt, Brian and I have shown that we are totally incompetent. We shouldn’t be allowed to run a NFL team. Go Pack Go”

  6. With an offense that’s struggling to say the least you really don’t want to be playing the Cowboys, Titans and Eagles in the next three games. If they don’t win 2 of those 3 it’s hard to see a way back.

  7. Why would they be? The NFC will probably send at least one team with a losing record into the playoffs. Why can’t it be them? Sure it’s wildly unlikely, but this is the 2022 NFL. Jeff Saturday is a head coach!

  8. The Packers have been managed poorly for several years.
    They will take a long time to recover

  9. At a minimum, the packers would have to go 6-2 the rest of the way. I am looking at their schedule and seeing 1-7 but who knows, maybe the Lions will pull the sweep against the pack.

    I understand you don’t want to admit that paying your QB $200+ mill was a mistake (looking at you Broncos) but NFL GMs talk themselves into some bad decisions (shoutout to every decision made by the Raiders front office the last 4 years). Speaking of the Raiders, can we bury the “Patriot Way” and Belichek assistants for good? How many franchises will keep humiliating themselves with BB castoffs? Especially 2 time loser McDaniels?

    The Pack are about 2 years behind the Saints in fading into obscurity. The sad thing is a rebuild has been made impossible by Rodgers contract so they are going to ride this thing into the ground for at least another year.

  10. Honestly, I thought you gave up on the season when you let your top wide receiver walk and didn’t replace him with another true #1.

  11. Murphy is a disaster. No sour grapes here. I also said this when GB was winning. His failure to get Rodgers h
    the weapons he needed is inexcusable.

  12. Mr Murphy, you are insulting your packer faithful. MM and the Cowboys are going to run up the score this weekend. Followed by losses to the Titans and Eagles. The packers then will be 3-9 and it won’t even be Thanksgiving yet and you are done.

  13. It’s over. Maybe you should have gotten involved earlier Mark, like getting better players during the draft or preseason.

  14. The Packers might not be ready to give up on the season but front running Packer fans already have

  15. The Packers might not be ready to give up on the season but front running Packer fans already have

    Worst offense I have seen in 30 years.

    The defense can’t defeat backup QBs, or Jared Goff. And a Girl Scout troop could run on them.

    2005 is the worst season I can recall. But I’m certain that team could beat this one, at least 50% of the time.

  16. The NFC isn’t anything special, but the Pack now actually will start playing some good teams, so if they make the playoffs, they will have earned it. The difference between them and teams like the Vikes is that they have zero margin for error.

  17. Packer fans will endure the front office decision-making that got them here, and will continue supporting the Packer Team assertively and unabashedly, even if the answer happens to be starting Jordan Love. I’ll be there.

  18. Soon it’s bench Rodgers and see what the kid has Rodgers is owed nothing we must look ahead and
    not be weighed down by the past .

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