Pete Carroll: It’s an “honor” to play in Germany

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On Sunday, the two teams who entered the NFL at the same time will become the first teams to play a regular-season game in Germany.

In Munich at 9:30 a.m. ET, it will be the Buccaneers “hosting” the Seahawks. Coach Pete Carroll said that his team is embracing the opportunity, despite the long trip they’ll be making.

“Somebody said that there have been three million requests for tickets, which is a staggering number of requests,” Carroll told reporters on Monday. “I can’t imagine, but they are excited, they are really pumped up about it. We are going to try and put on a show, make them see our football, and experience it in a way they never have before. It’s an honor to do that and we will respect the heck out of every aspect of this.”

Four years ago, the Seahawks thumped the Raiders in London, 27-3. Carroll’s team learned lessons that will be employed this time around.

“It’s like a bowl game,” Carroll said. “Everything around it, there is somewhat of a celebration everywhere you go as you travel and at the airport. It just seems like there is an added level of attention to it that makes it fun. The last thing that we are going to do is diminish the fun part of it. We are going to enjoy the heck out of it. We aren’t going to go and live it up in Germany, we are not doing that, we are going to go play a game and all of that, but we are going to enjoy that which we can and really play our butts off, so they can see what this game looks like and try to do it in great fashion.”

Carroll said their travel plan for Germany will be “really close” to the strategy employed for London.

“The practice schedules, timeframes, and all of that stuff, the focus on rest and re-capturing our sleep is all part of the plan,” Carroll said.

That’s a smart approach, especially since it worked before. And the prior experience will help those who were on the team in 2018 better understand how big of a deal the game is. For a Seattle team making a push that few expected for the playoffs, this game against Tom Brady and company could help better prepare them for an eventual postseason game.

Or two. Or more.

10 responses to “Pete Carroll: It’s an “honor” to play in Germany

  1. If Brady can connect with receivers other than #13 and #14, they will be SB contender.

    If he can’t, Bucs need lot of luck making playoff.

  2. Brady is playing like I though Gino Smith would (without the running). Seattle has Smith more much more than serviceable actually. Will be a tough one for the Bucs this week, travel is tougher on the older body as well as some of you may know.

  3. PFT- “eventual post season. “ If the Seahawks win this weekend, the correct term will become; ‘inevitable post season.”

  4. Point spread is Bucs -2. Take the Seahawks. Easy money.


    If you believe nothing will change after THE drive, that will be safe bet.

    BTW, Seahawks had won 4 in a row. Do you really think Geno Smith is that good?

  5. It’s a shame they absolutely shaft the west-coast audience for this game and play at 6:30 AM PST. Why not move it back a few hours so the team’s local audience can enjoy watching it? Seems like quite a shaft to the west coast fans.

  6. I love the 6:30 am games. I’ll have just finished breakfast and be watching with coffee cup in hand.

  7. I’m a Seahawks fan in L.A. so I have to watch their games at the local sports bar.
    They open at 9:00 AM.
    Hoping the game isn’t over by then.

    Thanks Roger.

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