Commanders president Jason Wright retreats from prior statement issued by organization

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Undeterred by hitting rock bottom, Commanders owner Daniel Snyder continued to dig. The president of his football team has tried his best to haul away some of the dirt.

Via Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan in D.C., Jason Wright issued a statement that counters portions of the shameful comment from the team that invoked the shooting of running back Brian Robinson when complaining about the investigation of the team by D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine.

“I just spoke to Chief [Robert J.] Contee [III], conveying how much we support the work of the [Metropolitan Police Department], as well as public safety leaders and elected officials working to reduce gun violence and crime across the region,” Wright said. “The earlier statement express our external counsel’s ongoing frustration with the Attorney General’s office, as they have been nothing but earnest and transparent in their communications with his team. The lawyers’ legitimate frustrations with the AG should have been separate and apart from referencing the terrible crime that affected our player.”

It’s not really an apology. Also, Wright tries to excuse the prior statement by pointing to the “legitimate frustrations” that the team’s outside counsel is experiencing when it comes to the interactions with Racine.

While Wright’s statement is better than nothing, he should have expressed a full and complete and sincere apology for using the shooting of Brian Robinson as a shield for potentially legitimate scrutiny of the behavior that attracted Racine’s attention.

Also, why is Wright the one issuing a statement, anyway? This is Snyder’s team. If Snyder feel any remorse for what happened earlier tonight, Snyder should say so. Until he does, it’s fair to conclude that he has no remorse at all.

28 responses to “Commanders president Jason Wright retreats from prior statement issued by organization

  1. Save yourself. Put out a press release denouncing it personally and condemn the franchise.

    Anything else and you are complicit and it sounds like you are choosing to be complicit.

    There is no middle ground.

  2. Florio: you so rock. Not afraid to throw down. You must have been a great lawyer when you were getting after it.. because you do now in sports.

  3. Actually, the statement is not “better than nothing” — it is far worse. Again, the organization is unwilling to accept responsibility for its own actions by throwing the outside lawyer under the bus. Come on, that statement was only released after the Commanders approved it (it was sent out on Commander letterhead) and everyone knows it. The statement was an extreme disservice to a crime victim and an insult to Metro PD and to the fans. Danny is a classless and inept bore — and it shows in everything he has touched over the last 25 years. Good riddance.

  4. Sounds like Snyder and his minions have been wetting their collective pants over what the AG is cooking up..

  5. I liked this one better: “(1) keep your head low; (2) keep your mouth shut; and (3) above all else, sell the team.”

  6. Seems from ownership down they are imploding. This team needs to get sold and buy out Aaron Rodgers contract. Oh and hopefully change the name.

  7. Jason Wright had promise, but he’s nothing more than an another Snyder pawn. If I was him, I’d resign and work for an organization that is as classy as him.

  8. Maybe, despite being honest and transparent, crimes were still committed. If the front office tells the truth, and it’s determined that there was illegal things going on, guess what? You don’t get a pass ‘just because you were honest about it’.

  9. Immaturity and incompetence are all over the map with this franchise and Jason finally realized that he’s going down with the ship too, so starts acting nice and maybe there’s room for him on the lifeboat. Nope.

  10. Stoked for the complete overhaul from new ownship, starting w/ the firing of this clown.

    I was initially excited for the hiring, diversity in such an integral role, but he’s proven to be completely incompetent.

  11. The press release was issued by the Commanders, so blaming it on an outside lawyer is ridiculous. Pathetic.

  12. Wright knows that within five minutes of the closing of the deal to buy the team, the new owner will send him packing. “Commanders?” See ya!

  13. Apparently it was a bad idea to hire Rudy Giuliani as outside counsel to issue that first statement.

  14. Lay with fleas… at some point Wright made a choice and has chosen to lie and do Snyder’s dirty work. Whatever reputation we thought he had is moot and void because it takes a lack of character to lower yourself to this for a paycheck.

  15. I realize the press loves to beat up on Daniel Snyder…vs felons like Jim Irsay or deviants like Rober Kraft….but….if hitting rock bottom is buying your business for $800 MILLION and selling it for $6-$7 BILLION – I want to hit rock bottom too.

    The fever pitch pushing him to sell HELPS him leverage that for a great price! He’s getting the last laugh, no doubt.

  16. The NFL is becoming much like DC politics – backstabbing and agendas that are not in the interest of its constituents.

  17. Wright is literally no more qualified to be a GM than Jeff Saturday is to be a coach. He literally has zero relevant experience. Funny how he doesn’t get the same kind of scrutiny.

  18. So, “outside counsel” issued a news release that has enraged pretty much everyone with an even tangential connection to the team, law enforcement, the AGs office, sponsors, and the league? Not to mention Brian Robinson, who must love being drawn into this ship show.

    If those are the lawyers Dan hired, he’d Better Call Saul.

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