Ezekiel Elliott: “We want OBJ”

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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It’s happening.

As receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. closes in on being cleared to play, the Cowboys are expressing interest in him. Specifically, Cowboys players have begun expressing interest in Beckham.

“We want him,” Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott told reporters on Wednesday, via Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “We want OBJ.”

That’s the key to getting OBJ. Wanting him. Making him feel wanted. Mobilizing players to show him “the love.”

That’s how the Rams got him last year. He was “feeling the love.” That’s how his next team will seal the deal.

And the Cowboys currently are making their play.

It’s also going to take money, and perhaps something more than a contract for the rest of the season. And as the Cowboys begin the process of making their push for OBJ, other teams like the Bills, Chiefs, Giants, or whoever are on notice.

Make your move, or lose your chance.

39 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott: “We want OBJ”

  1. Yea but does OBJ want you?

    This isn’t 2017 anymore Zeke. Players with options aren’t clamoring to play next to you.

  2. OBJ isn’t young, his stats are dropping, and he’s had some injuries. He would be smart to leverage boosting a team’s SB chances for a long term contract. He’s got a ring… no reason to chase that. Chase the deal.

  3. Another reason why Tony Pollard should be starting.
    Cause then nobody would care what the backup running back wants…

  4. The cowboys just don’t scare me one way or the other. Beckham doesn’t change that organization’s DNA and putting all your hopes on a guy returning from an ACL isn’t a successful recipe one way or the other.

  5. Let me ask the stupid/obvious question? When will the guy even be available to play? And at what level? Two ACL tears in the same knee doesn’t portend of great things (the list of players returning from that is very, very small). And last year he averaged 3 catches and 35 yards a game on a Super Bowl winner.

  6. So desperate he is not going be 100% and the Cowboys can’t afford to give him a long term deal. I really hope this happens!

  7. I don’t understand how everyone thinks adding a 30 year old OBJ coming off an ACL will be like adding Randy Moss in his prime.

  8. You can’t always get what you want, I know it’s hard for you Diva football players to understand.

  9. Jones doesn’t make good football decisions, so he’ll probably sign OBJ and leave Zeke the starting RB.

  10. I don’t get it. Why aren’t the Rams keeping him? Is he hurt? Or perhaps the Rams still plan on signing him. Does anyone know?

  11. Who knows what shape he is in after the injury, but it’s premature to call him washed up. PFF graded him at 85.7 last postseason, and he certainly passed the eye test in those games. It’s a flip of the coin.

  12. He will be a Cowboy; it’s in his DNA. It’s also a Jerruh type signing. Get your popcorn!

  13. Why so much fuss about an aging WR coming off of a major knee injury? Being cleared is one thing, being a contributor is another. If he had so much to offer a team, then he’d be signed regardless of injury. He’s become a more expensive DeSean Jackson.

  14. He was above average, not great, player last year before the injury. I still think he’ll be good, but I wouldn’t count on him being a difference maker at 30 years old coming off a torn ACL. Especially playing a position that requires so much lateral movement. Adrian Peterson is the only example I can think of in regards to a player over 30 returning to his peak after ACL surgery. Jamal Lewis did it also, but he was only 22 years old and his recovery lasted over a year. It’s been 9 months for OBJ. I wish him luck, but I’d be shocked if he’s an impact player this season.

  15. OBJ not a top line receiver, not a difference maker..the media is pushing this like he’ll put a team over the top..

  16. So much hate here – love the internet.

    Love or hate the Cowboys… they went 4-1 with a backup QB. Dak isn’t Josh Allen or Mahomes, but this offense is not inept with him as QB. Give him an extra weapon and he’ll use it – look how quickly he gelled with Amari Cooper in 2018…

    OBJ ramped up his production in the playoffs last year and was looking like the Superbowl MVP prior to the injury.

    As a Cowboys fan, I’d love to have him as long as the $$ makes some sense. I don’t want to sell the farm to buy a one legged horse, but if I can take out a small loan I’ll be happy with that.

  17. This fan of the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles is amused at how much attention is paid to this largely irrelevant franchise.
    Chasing big names who are well past their glory days is the last desperate attempt to regain credibility. The organization is rotten and has not done anything of note this century.
    That is all.

  18. OBJ is kind of small to play DT. Cowboys need someone to stop the run. Not sure Hankins will be enough.

  19. He says he wants to go to a contender; the Browns still have a shot. Playing with Watson may be something that appeals to him. Has he sold his house in the Cleveland area yet?

  20. I always find it amusing how enamored we as fans are with “NAMES”. It’s crazy how a few really good years in the NFL can influence our thinking. Is OBJ at 30 years old, 9 months removed from an ACL tear really the best Dallas (or any other team) can do at this point? How many chances did Le’Veon Bell get in the NFL before fans finally stopped clamoring for their favorite team to sign him?
    Fortunately for the rest of the NFL, Jerry Jones thinks exactly like a fan!

  21. I love the analysts saying the cowboys are going to win the NFC East. It’s laughable. The eagles might not lose 3 games all season & they already have a 2 game lead (plus tie breaker, so 2.5 really) on that overrated annoyance of a franchise. Plus there’s the giants & the annual Dallas meltdown hasn’t even started yet and just like I said about the Mets in baseball, the cowboys will turn into the cowboys sooner or later, book it.

  22. JuJu has stepped up for the Chiefs, so no need for his services in Kansas City. OBJ is a diva, and well suited for “America’s Team”. Dallas deserves him.

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