Micah Parsons on his public recruitment of Odell Beckham: We can use him

Los Angeles Rams defeat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 to win the NFL Super Bowl LVI football game at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood.
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During the Cowboys’ most recent glory years under Jerry Jones — which were almost 30 years ago now — they regularly signed big-name players. But it’s been a minute since the Cowboys brought in a star player in free agency.

Cornerback Brandon Carr was the last big-money free agent the Cowboys signed when they agreed to a five-year, $50.1 million deal with him on the first day of free agency in 2012. Defensive end Greg Hardy was the last name player the Cowboys added in free agency who created a buzz when he signed a one-year, $11.3 million in 2015.

That’s why it’s surprising to hear Jones express interest in free agent receiver Odell Beckham.

Cowboys players have attempted to woo Beckham to Dallas this week. Running back Ezekiel Elliott expressed his love for Beckham on Wednesday.

Linebacker Micah Parsons began the Cowboys’ campaign, actively recruiting Beckham on Twitter. Beckham replied to Parsons that he is seeking a team with a chance to win the Super Bowl this season.

“It’s not my obligation at all or I don’t feel obligated to do it,” Parsons said Wednesday, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “But if the guy on the market and he’s talking about he wants to play and he wants to win games, then shit, me too. I want to win it just as bad as you do. If you want to come and win games, come win games over here help us get to that bowl that you want. I want it.

“And shit, we can use him. I think he’s a great player. He’ll expand this offense. He’ll do more. He brings a lot. He’s a guy you want on the team. Beside all that critic stuff that people make up and shit about him, I think he’s a great dude from my experience with him and every time I see him. He can add real value to the team and help us do what we want to do.”

Beckham reportedly will receive clearance to return to football activities this week, nine months after he tore his ACL in Super Bowl LVI. Several teams are expected to have interest in Beckham, who could seek a multi-year deal.

6 responses to “Micah Parsons on his public recruitment of Odell Beckham: We can use him

  1. It’s the little things. As soon as I think it might be fun to root for the Cowboys Jerry makes an asinine comment about artificial turf versus grass. I wanted OBJ to go to Dallas. Since Jerra made his comment. I now hope OBJ goes to KC. Juggernaut.

  2. Looks appetizing in the bakery window, BUT he’s on the wrong side of 30* and has injury history.

    No thank you….(* = Look at Julio Jones as an example….DeSean Jackson)

  3. He says he wants to go to a contender; the Browns still have a shot. Playing with Watson may be something that appeals to him. Has he sold his house in the Cleveland area yet?

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