Russell Wilson: Won a lot of games in Seattle without anything on my wrist

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks
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There have been plenty of moments this season when Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has made it clear that he doesn’t miss having quarterback Russell Wilson on the team, including a radio appearance this week.

Carroll praised current Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith for wearing a wristband to help with calling plays during games and said, without mentioning Wilson directly, that “there was resistance to that” in past seasons. Wilson and the Broncos were back at work after their bye week on Wednesday and the quarterback held a press conference that included a question about Carroll’s comments.

Wilson said he’d “do whatever it takes” to make sure the offense thrived and that there were times when he wore a wristband while also making it clear that he didn’t draw the same line between success and what he wore.

“I don’t know exactly what he said. Won a lot of games there without one on my wrist. I didn’t know winning or losing mattered whether you wore a wristband or not,” Wilson said, via Mike Klis of KUSA.

There does not seem to be any love lost between Carroll and Wilson, which is a big reason why the two men are no longer working together. The breakup has clearly gone better for the Seahawks thus far and Carroll hasn’t been shy about pointing that out.

46 responses to “Russell Wilson: Won a lot of games in Seattle without anything on my wrist

  1. Pete Carroll took a lot of heat all through the Russell Wilson years for playing “Peteball” and not letting “Russ Cook”. He always took the high road, and now he’s winning with a supposedly lesser QB. Meanwhile Russ, who pouted that he wasn’t the focus of the offense, is struggling now that he’s gotten what he wished for. He comes off like such a phony.

  2. “The breakup has clearly gone better for the Seahawks”
    That clearly is the understatement of the year!

  3. Definitely a stretch by Carroll. Exposing how desperate he is to hate on Russ, while Russ takes the high road. Again. And again.

  4. Meanwhile this week, Bill & Tom — aka Goat HC & Goat QB — were exchanging verbal bouquets in the media, showing the mortals how it should be done.

  5. It’s not about the past Russ, it’s what you do now. The only way to stop the chatter is to start winning. Until then, it will be best to that tongue from wagging and prove yourself on the field.

  6. a wristband wouldn’t have mattered because according to team mates he never ran the play the coaches sent in anyway

  7. Wilson deviates from game plan on almost every single play. When he was winning, he could get away with it. Now, not so much. Wilson thinks he knows best. Meanwhile, the Geno Smith offense is MUCH faster than it was under Wilson and Geno is in the discussion for MVP.

  8. Didn’t Pete say at a press conference when Russell left Seattle he wouldn’t be there and have success if it wasn’t for Russell? Now he’s taking shots. Smh..

  9. Denver is seeing what we in Seattle endured for years, burned timeouts and delay of games due to Russell not getting the plays called on time. This years offense in Seattle we have not had that problem and I think Pete’s point was that the communication between Geno and Shane Waldron is much better than what we experienced with Russell. I did not think before the season the offense would be better without Russell at QB but it is.

  10. I guess the dive play to Marshawn Lynch was a play on the wristband at the end of The Super Bowl loss to New England

  11. Coach Pete doesn’t want you Russ(LOOK AT ME) because you don’t how to cook and always want to be in the spotlight. Look at me Russ, Geno is better than you! GO HAWK

  12. I would think Russell Wilson would want to focus on helping his current (and underachieving) team prepare for their next game. But sure….focus on getting your little digs in against your former Head Coach (who, by the way, doesn’t seem to miss you).

  13. The question is, why wouldn’t you wear it if it can help? Pretty sure a lot of good QBs do. Russ is right though, that defense and running game won a ton of games for him in Seattle and they didn’t wear wristbands.

  14. This is probably the last thing that Wilson should be thinking about with the way the Broncos are playing.

  15. Maybe you would have won a few more games there if you had. A little more humility wouldn’t hurt you Russell.

  16. Even Brady wears them, so it’s not like the mark of a great QB to not wear one. It’s kind of funny how a seemingly small thing like wearing a wristband can cause so much friction.

  17. Wilson seems more concerend about how he looks in the media than about how well the Broncos do.

  18. Sure, a lot of WRs are divas, but some of these vet QBs sure do become knobs, especially if they win a SB. JMHO, but Russ should have 3 rings by now if he’d have just gotten out of his own way and let his coach call the shots.

  19. When Wilson came to the ‘hawks as a 3rd round rookie he was committed to being as good as he could be without any self distractions…unfortunately over the course of a celebrated career he has evolved into the narcissistic diva you see today..unfortunately this persona doesn’t translate into wins.

  20. Russ’s numbers in Seattle speak for themselves.

    Just like his numbers this year in Denver speak for themselves.

  21. Bottom line.

    Russ without Pete is tanking.

    Pete without Russ is soaring.

    Let’s fly!

  22. This is getting embarrassing for both of them. It’s unfortunate that neither one of their egos allows for somebody to tell them to shut up

  23. I like Russell Wilson but I’m not gonna lie, I am enjoying the feud between these two. I have no dog in this fight so I’m not taking sides

  24. I’m super impressed with Pete. Coach of the year. I thought his message was old and Hawks were just riding out his contract with a soft rebuild. I was wrong. He’s got that team ready to go. Congrats 12’s

  25. Wasn’t Denver’s head coach roasted for delay of game calls and burned timeouts for not getting the plays in earlier this year???

  26. Wilson could make better use of his time by staying off social media and focusing on trying to actually win a football game. He seems to care more about his image than his current team.

  27. If Wilson resisted wearing a wristband, like pretty much every other QB, then he wasn’t doing everything possible to be better. His ego wouldn’t allow it, by all appearances.

    Pete Carroll seems to be letting the curtain down a little on just how high-maintenance Wilson had become. Everyone is asking Carroll “What’s different now?” Honestly, the wristband issue is probably way more benign than what we don’t know. Wilson was obviously harder to coach than many of us realized. It’s probably a little cathartic for Carroll, but he’s been around long enough to know that he shouldn’t say anything like that

  28. andreboy1 says:
    November 9, 2022 at 5:45 pm
    Geno’s ZERO points against the 49ers was very impressive.

    He has no shot at MVP.

    You lost to Denver and Chicago.


  29. radar773 says:
    November 9, 2022 at 4:22 pm
    Wilson seems more concerend about how he looks in the media than about how well the Broncos do.

    And I thought we were rid of Cam only to find out he was replaced by Russ, but without the outrageous outfits!

  30. Somehow I imagine Russ wearing a wrist ban, yelling out plays while doing lunges and stretches on the team flights.

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