Byron Leftwich backs Tom Brady’s claim that effort has been an issue

Kansas City Chiefs v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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On Monday, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady said the team’s effort of late has been “embarrassing.” On Tuesday, coach Todd Bowles disagreed with Brady’s take.

On Thursday, offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich broke the tie. Advantage, Brady.

It hasn’t been every down,” Leftwich said when asked about effort level, via “We’ve had downs where we can be better from an effort standpoint. It’s been addressed, and I think we can get better. And that’s what I mean about, ‘What we can fix?’ I think we can fix all the things that have been in our way throughout the year. Obviously, it’s been a tough beginning of the year; a lot of things have been going on. So as I think we’re beginning to settle down, we’re getting more into football mode, more aware of what we need to do.

“We can’t be talking effort. We can’t be talking effort from really anybody, especially this time of year.”

Leftwich is right about that. It’s November. Effort should be implied. It definitely shouldn’t be “embarrassing.”

8 responses to “Byron Leftwich backs Tom Brady’s claim that effort has been an issue

  1. If Leftwich gets a HC job (he’s deserving) next year, assuming Brady keeps playing, does Brady follow him?

    Bowles is wrong and he’s guilty of coddling players, including Brady. Tampa is a talented team that has been undisciplined for years… they tend to put it together near the end of the season though.

  2. Leftwich should have gotten the head coach job instead of Bowles.
    This is just further evidence of that.

  3. Leftwich is the Offensive Coordinator on the team with an offense that has not performed well at least partly due to lack of focus and effort. Isn’t that at least partly the fault of the OC? Why are there people in a hurry to give the underperforming OC a Head Coach job?

  4. No NFL player should have “effort” issues, and any NFL coach that allows lack of effort should be gone.

  5. So Brady first loses his wife and then his fortune.

    I’m sure he’ll be good to go.

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