Colts get Jake Funk, cut Phillip Lindsay

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots
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The Colts have made a running back switch on their practice squad.

Jake Funk was signed to the practice squad in Indianapolis today, and Phillip Lindsay was released.

Funk has spent time with the Saints and Rams and is a solid kickoff returner and special teams player in addition to playing on offense.

Lindsay was one of the best stories in the NFL when he made the Pro Bowl as an undrafted rookie with the Broncos in 2018, but after opening his career with back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons, his production has plummeted. This year he has just 15 carries for 49 yards and six catches for 19 yards.

4 responses to “Colts get Jake Funk, cut Phillip Lindsay

  1. Seem there must be an underlying issue to cause the plummet in performance, whether it is from injury, lack of motivation, or something else is unclear but it sure doesn’t seem like a slow decline.

  2. Just speculating , The Colt’s cut Lindsay because if they elevated him this week, It would be the third time this season and he would then be permanently on the active roster( per the practice squad rules) for the remaining games of the season and they would have to pay $$ to him as a veteran NFL player. Purely business as Lindsay is a proven player vs a guy who’s has has only a few touches in his career. Basically a new cheap spare running back trade. Colt’s are imploding.

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