Cowboys continue to campaign for Odell Beckham as Dak Prescott joins the chorus

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
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Of the teams expected to make a play for Odell Beckham, none have campaigned harder than the Cowboys. That doesn’t mean they will end up with the star receiver, as free agent signings usually come down to money, but the Cowboys have made it clear to Beckham how much they want him.

Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb added their voices to the chorus Thursday.

“Anytime you have a chance to add a talent like that and knowing Odell and knowing his resume, it’s exciting,” Prescott said, via Todd Archer of ESPN. “But also understand it’s a business, and I’m sure there’s 31 other teams that would like to add him as well.”

Well, maybe 29 other teams. The Panthers have Baker Mayfield on their roster, and the Browns cut Beckham a year ago.

But only a handful of teams are Super Bowl contenders, and some of those are set at the position. That leaves the Cowboys as one of a few teams with a need and with a good enough chance to win a Super Bowl as to interest Beckham.

The Cowboys could use Beckham after trading Amari Cooper this offseason. James Washington has yet to return after undergoing foot surgery in training camp, leaving Lamb, Michael Gallup and Noah Brown as the top-three wideouts for the team. Gallup has played five games since his return from a torn ACL on Jan. 2.

“That’s my boy. I’m a fan of Odell,” Lamb said. “Why wouldn’t you want to add more firepower to the offense?”

8 responses to “Cowboys continue to campaign for Odell Beckham as Dak Prescott joins the chorus

  1. OBJ is no longer a #1 receiver. Especially this year. The Cowboys know this. He would only be a complementary player. Just like he was with the Rams last year.

  2. I think everyone’s starting to realize this season is pretty much up for grabs, and teams that would have been also-rans a few years ago are now contenders due to how much of a mess almost every team is.

    It’s like the Manning Giants, whose signature style was being a mess all season long and then turning it on at the end when it counted. The Cowboys probably aren’t wrong that they’re very close to a very plausible Super Bowl berth.

  3. Out of curiosity, how does the desperate guy tend to do with the pretty girl at the bar?

  4. Bwahahahaha! So desperate in Dallas. He isn’t going to be 100% this year and have you seen Jerrah’s cap numbers? I really hope this happens!

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