D.C. AG Karl Racine promises more news “next week” as to alleged Commanders financial improprieties

Press Conference Held To Make Announcement On January 6 Riot
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Thursday’s “major announcement” from D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine related to a civil lawsuit targeting the efforts by the Commanders and the NFL to conceal the results of the investigation of the team conducted by Beth Wilkinson. At the conclusion of a press conference regarding the lawsuit, Racine was asked about allegations of financial improprieties, such as the claim that security deposits for suites and/or season tickets weren’t properly refunded.

“There will be more news on that next week,” Racine said.

Racine also vowed that his efforts will survive any sale of the team, given that the underlying legal violations already have occurred. And with Racine’s term ending within the next two months, he expressed optimism that his successor will continue to pursue the current case and, apparently, the next one.

The Commanders have yet to issue a comment regarding today’s press conference. When they do, it likely will be combative and accusatory. As Racine said regarding Wednesday’s shameful statement in which the team hid behind the shooting of Commanders running back Brian Robinson in an effort to deflect scrutiny for its own behavior, “It’s customary for bullies to try to bully victims.”

5 responses to “D.C. AG Karl Racine promises more news “next week” as to alleged Commanders financial improprieties

  1. Snyder is toast. I hope he has to suffer all the consequences for his criminal actions even after selling the team.

  2. It would be poetic for Snyder to sell the team, get his billions of dollars and immediately go to jail.

  3. Mr. Florio could you please inform us on a couple of legal procedures. Would the AG be able to illicit Beth Wilkenson to testify to what her report contained? Would those that signed NDA’s be able to testify?

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