DeForest Buckner: Jeff Saturday came in with energy, we need that

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There have been a lot of reactions to the Colts’ decision to hire Jeff Saturday as their interim head coach after firing Frank Reich and most of them have been surprise that an NFL team would hire a coach without any coaching experience on the professional or collegiate levels.

On Wednesday, Colts players had their first chance to weigh in on that decision. Defensive tackle DeForest Buckner said it is “above my pay grade” to comment on Saturday’s lack of experience, but he said that his early interactions with the team have hit the right notes.

“He came in with energy,” Buckner said, via the Indianapolis Star. “That’s something we need right now.”

Saturday’s energy is evident in his press conferences, but it will be the team’s energy and performance on Sunday that ultimately determines how this experiment plays out in Indianapolis. Expectations outside the building don’t feel particularly high, but team owner Jim Irsay is adamant that this week’s moves aren’t designed to help the team get a high draft choice at the expense of winning.

4 responses to “DeForest Buckner: Jeff Saturday came in with energy, we need that

  1. Saturday comes in spouting bro this and bro that. Let’s see how he is next Monday. That being said is there a HC under MORE pressure than Josh McDaniels this week. Home game, against these clowns, man they better blow out the Colts or Davis is gonna go all Irsay afterwards.

  2. At 22 mil per and a lost 1st rder to SF, what do you provide?

    NE slowly destroyed you last week.

  3. Going to preface this by saying I am not a Colts fan.But I love this move!No way to lose in this scenario.I think Saturday is going to be a good coach because of his energy and how he relates to the locker room.If not the draft position just keeps getting better and you get first crack at any coach you want to interview.Would you rather recycle the same old list of guys thru Indy?All we will hear is that Leftwich and Bienemy desrve this opportunity,and I do not disagree that they should be considered.Can’t do it now midseason,so why not try something completely outside of the box?

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