For the Seahawks, the trip to Germany wasn’t much farther than it was for the Bucs

US Football League NFL plays in Munich
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The Buccaneers and Seahawks will meet in Germany on Sunday. At first blush, it seems like a much longer trip for Seattle than for Tampa Bay. But it’s not.

A PFT Live viewer sent a link earlier in the week to a “Great Circle Map,” showing the actual distance from both cities to Munich. It’s 8,503 kilometers (5,283 miles) from Seattle, and it’s 8,040 kilometers (4,995 miles) from Tampa.

The flight time directly to Munich is only 30 minutes longer; eight hours, 55 minutes from Tampa, and nine hours, 25 minutes from Seattle.

So there’s no real advantage for the Buccaneers. If anything, the Seahawks avoid facing a traditional “home” crowd in Tampa, as the Bucs give up what would be a ninth home game for a neutral-site showdown that may have a Super Bowl feel. Especially since the NFL got three million ticket requests for the game.

8 responses to “For the Seahawks, the trip to Germany wasn’t much farther than it was for the Bucs

  1. THANK YOU for pointing this out. All week long when doing predictions these meat-heads on tv are like “SEATTLE GONNA LOSE THEY HAVE TO TRAVEL SO MUCH MORE.” Apparently they have no idea how a globe works.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out. There has been so many NFL pundits that have been talking about how much longer the Seahawks trip was going to be. Amazing their producers didn’t do any research. On Tuesday morning, Sarah Walsh was checking flights to Munich from both cities and said they ranged from 5 minutes difference at the shortest and 45 mins at the longest. Something that also has been under reported is the MASSIVE following for the Seahawks in Germany. This has a great chance at feeling like a game at Lumen Field. Think of that super bowl in New Jersey, and how the 12’s rained down the noise there. Could be eerily similar. Dos Falken!!

  3. Get used to the travel and early games. With the sales and increased revenue they aren’t going away.

  4. Can you imagine being 6’6″ and weighing 280+ pounds and sitting in an airplane seat for nine hours? Ouch!

  5. Well, you are assuming the flight path in the SEA-MUN trip is the same. It is not. The flight arc looks much like the TPA-MUN leg. Flight path for both passes well south of Iceland.

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