Kenny Golladay: I’m pushing to play, don’t have anything to prove to Giants’ coaches

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Giants wide receiver Kenny Golladay has been a major disappointment since signing a four-year, $72 million contract in 2021, and after doing little in the first four games of this season, Golladay didn’t play at all in the next four games. If the Giants’ coaching staff is disappointed in his contributions, that would be understandable.

But Golladay, who is expected to play on Sunday, says he has nothing to prove to the Giants’ coaches.

“I’m really not trying to prove nothing to no coaches,” Golladay said, via the New York Daily News. “Really I’m out here playing for my guys, these people in the locker room. Of course I got to show on the practice field to the coaches, but at the exact same time, I’m playing for the guys in this locker room, period.”

Golladay said he expects to be there with his teammates, helping the Giants beat the Texans on Sunday.

“That’s what I’m pushing for,” Golladay said. “That’s my main goal: to hit the ground running.”

Golladay hasn’t hit the ground running in his first year and a half with the Giants, but they’re a surprise playoff contender, and he still has an opportunity to make an impact.

14 responses to “Kenny Golladay: I’m pushing to play, don’t have anything to prove to Giants’ coaches

  1. Kenny, you’d be more of a help to your teammates if you’d just wash their cars once a week.

  2. Seeing as though they control his playing time and his ability to play for his teammates, he should be trying to prove to the coaches he won’t drop the ball.

  3. He never got much separation but was young and physical and could high point the ball. Idk if these injuries have zapped him of that ability or what the deal is?

  4. IMHO This game might be all he gets this year from the coaches whether KG cares or not.
    His cap number is huge $756.000 per week! If he has the drops in particular in the RZ he might not see the field again much. AS a giants fan I hope he brings it?

  5. His perfect scenario would be to get cut and reunite with Stafford. I’m sure his production would go up significantly

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