Kenny Pickett: I’ve got to protect the ball more

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If there’s one thing that stands out when looking at Kenny Pickett‘s stats from the first half of the season, it’s his turnovers.

The Steelers’ rookie quarterback has thrown eight interceptions to just two touchdowns. He’s also fumbled three times, losing one.

So as Pickett returns from Pittsburgh’s bye to play the Saints in Week 10, reducing giveaways is a focus.

“I’ve got to protect the ball more. Absolutely,” Pickett said in his Wednesday press conference. “I’m not throwing picks where I’m not seeing the coverage — I see what’s going on, whether it’s a tipped ball or there were a few that they got me on. But I’m processing it, I’m going to the sideline, and I know exactly what happened and why it went there.

“So, there are things that I can build on, but the bottom line is that I’ve got to protect the football, so that’s something that, in this back half of the season, needs to be a focus for me.”

The 20th overall pick of this year’s draft, Pickett has completed 67.9 percent of his passes for 962 yards in five appearances with four starts. His passer rating is 66.8.

12 responses to “Kenny Pickett: I’ve got to protect the ball more

  1. As a life long Steelers hater i was trilled when they spent a 1st round pick on Kenny throw a Pickett. Zero chance they win anything with Andy Dalton2.0

  2. I like Pickett’s confident play for a rookie. I think he’ll improve and turn into a good player. Contrast his poise with Malik Willis, who many people thought should have been drafted ahead of Pickett.

  3. I worry about them bringing him in too soon. There was really no rush – with Watt out and the team otherwise not ready to make a move past the Ravens or Bengals, this would have been a good season to let Trubisky do his best and build Pickett in gradually.

    As it is, throwing him into this mess may end up dragging down or outright harming his development – see Trevor Lawrence, Daniel Jones, Zach Wilson.

    As for the “small hands” jokers – look at QBs who’ve led in turnovers in recent years, it’s all over the map in hand size, height, you name it. Amateur analysis ain’t worth much.

  4. Maybe…I don’t know? Throw a pass NOT off your back foot towards the sideline EVERY time you throw outside the numbers?

  5. As for the “small hands” jokers – look at QBs who’ve led in turnovers in recent years, it’s all over the map in hand size, height, you name it. Amateur analysis ain’t worth much.

    The Small Hands Clowns know very little about football preferring to troll unproven water cooler talk to seem knowledgeable…not!

    Pickett needs to be given the same time Josh Allen had before you hang him out to dry….it’s only fair.

  6. He’s in a tough spot. Poor o-line play, no help from his RB, and terrible Offensive Coordination / play-calling. Couple that with a defense that drops off the map when TJ is out. When Ben took over he had all those things, so it wasn’t entirely on the QB to make things happen. He needs better support around him and some time. This season is shot, so they should focus on his development and not ruining him.

  7. I guess at this point, I’m glad he shook some nerves off and rust to get NFL game experience. Right now, the way I see it:
    1. We continue to stink and get a solid top 5 draft pick
    2. As we stink, it “should” be an obvious decision to move on from Matt Canada (which I consider the biggest win)

    So those aren’t the worst things. We know we can’t compete with the Chiefs and the Bills of the league, so might as well see a couple of positives in our misery of a season.

    Who’s with me????

  8. The kid should be gIven a chance, but not too long of a leash. He’s hasn’t had one good gm yet, and doesn’t seem to be improving. Tomlin was a fool for putting him in at halftime of the Jets game. That hasn’t helped matters. Overall, not waiting til this yrs draft for a QB may end up haunting them.

  9. It doesn’t appear that the game is too big for him. He shows more poise and confidence than most rookies have. Can’t put all the ints on him either. His OL sucks in pass protection and he has no run game. On top of that Canada calls plays like he is coaching pop warner. He will make some mistakes but let him get the experience and for his sake keep Canada away from him and let Sullivan call plays.

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