Nick Sirianni: Whether he’s in our building or not, I’m going to consult with Frank Reich

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp
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When the Eagles won Super Bowl LII, Frank Reich was on the club’s staff as offensive coordinator and helped pilot a unit that racked up 538 yards and 41 points to defeat the Patriots.

As Philadelphia chases Super Bowl LVII this season, could Reich make a return to the staff?

It doesn’t seem to be off the table. Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni was Reich’s offensive coordinator in Indianapolis from 2018-2021. Now that Reich is on the open market, Sirianni was asked on Thursday if he’s thought about adding Reich to his staff.

“Yeah, we’ll see how that goes. I don’t know yet,” Sirianni said in his press conference. “That’s not something that’s been — that happened, when, Monday? And my focus has been completely on Washington. So, again, you know how I feel about Frank. I’m always going to use him as a consultant, whether he’s in the building or he’s not in the building. But, I haven’t even really thought about that, to be quite honest with you. We’re really just focused on today to get ready for Washington.”

Reich said earlier this week that he’s heading to North Carolina to spend time with his children and grandchildren. But after that, he’s keeping his options open.

To that end, perhaps he’ll be back in Philadelphia before too long.

6 responses to “Nick Sirianni: Whether he’s in our building or not, I’m going to consult with Frank Reich

  1. First thing Frank Reich will recommend is to bring in Carson Wentz. Then after an awkward silence theyll both have a good chuckle and get to planning the Monday night game.

  2. steelersbandwagon says:
    November 11, 2022 at 3:16 pm
    They need to play the better QB in Philly- Gardner Minshew


    truth. it would’ve been better for the steelers if the eagles decided to play uncle rico instead of hurts throwing dimes all over the field.

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