Patriots’ David Andrews back at practice after illegal hit forced him to miss two weeks

New England Patriots vs Chicago Bears
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When Bears defensive lineman Mike Pennel was ejected for an illegal blindside block on Patriots center David Andrews, all Pennel missed was a few fourth-quarter plays in a game that was no longer competitive anyway. Andrews has missed a lot more than that.

Andrews finally returned to practice on Wednesday for the first time, after missing two games with the concussion Pennel gave him. Andrews says Pennel never reached out to apologize.

“It is what it is. It’s a violent game,” Andrews told MassLive. “He decided to do what he wanted to do, so it is what it is.”

Andrews said it was the first concussion he’s ever suffered in his life, and he did his best to follow medical advice while navigating an unfamiliar situation.

“It’s tough. It’s tough on me and sometimes to not be pleasant at home watching games,” Andrews said. “It still stressed me out when I’m not out there. I had to do what I had to do to do what’s best for me to get as healthy as I can. . . . I love the game of football. Excited to be back out there and be part of this team and get to do what I love.”

7 responses to “Patriots’ David Andrews back at practice after illegal hit forced him to miss two weeks

  1. Mike Pennel was signed by the Patriots a couple seasons ago and did not make the cut. He was salty, and took a cheap shot. He should have been suspended for at least one more game than Andrews was forced to miss. Hopefully Pennel gets cut in 2023 and signs with a team the Patriots play in 2023, and we can work some nice cut blocks on him…legal of course….but which are very dicey for defensive lineman. Not saying to try an injure him, but it could happen. It’s a dangerous game you know? Bonus if the game is in NE and he has to pass by the fans for any length of time. If any of the Bears future opponents are inclined to do the same, I fully endorse that.

  2. Bears fan here. Cheap shot. Pennel receiving more punishment would have been justified. I hope the Bears don’t feel the need to keep him around long. From what I’ve seen of Andrews, he deserves to share the field with guys that have the same level respect and professionalism. Pennel fell short that night

  3. roughingthepasser says:
    November 10, 2022 at 2:55 pm
    It’s unfortunate he suffered a concussion but it did not look like that big a hit.
    What’s more relevant, how it looks or the consequences of the act?

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