Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy: Justin Fields’ highlights “miraculous,” “unbelievable”

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When it comes to the recent play of quarterback Justin Fields, Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy is not claiming credit for the Xs and Os that made it possible.

Instead, Getsy is giving Fields all the credit for doing things that simply can’t be coached.

“Obviously, he made some plays that were miraculous,” Getsy said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “I mean, they were pretty unbelievable.”

Getsy said Fields’ 62-yard touchdown run was not at all what was drawn up, and that based on how the play unfolded Getsy thought Fields was going to throw to receiver Darnell Mooney.

“As you review the film, it probably should have been a 15- or 20-yard completion to Mooney,” Getsy said. “The way he slid up in the pocket, you want to see him keep his shoulders a little bit more perpendicular to the line of scrimmage and rip the ball. He was headed there, he just got there a tick late because he squared his shoulders and then it turned into, like, an unbelievable play after that. Once he got to a certain point and I saw Mooney in a position to be able to cut the guy off, I was like, ‘There’s no way anyone’s catching that guy.’ So it was pretty cool.”

It was, indeed, a pretty cool performance by Fields. And it’s to Getsy’s credit that he’s allowing the offense to run through Fields’ strengths, even if that means not every play is run the way Getsy drew it up.

4 responses to “Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy: Justin Fields’ highlights “miraculous,” “unbelievable”

  1. Maybe just a little hyperbole. Don’t expect too many “miracles” with 123 yards of passing and 60% completion rate.

    The way he describes the play, it sounds like Fields bailed on the play and ran, and that Mooney is the reason it ended up as “miraculous” as it did.

    For Fields’s sake, I hope he keeps rising to the occasion, but many blips on the radar have looked just like this in small sample sizes.

  2. It was miraculous and impossible when Lamar Jackson made these plays 3 years ago.

    Now it’s totally possible and imitation.

    The highest form of flattery.

  3. I think Getsky started off slow, but he is improving offensive play calling weekly. Now we need to get the defense in good shape also. Next year should look good for the Bears. Fields is our franchise QB- LONG TIME COMING!!!!!!!

  4. If you’ve watched Bears’ QB’s over the last 40-50 years, are used to 4-yard throws on 3rd and 9, watched Bob Avellini and the other 50+ QB’s that have started games since 1970, this is “miraculous” and “unbelievable”.

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