Brian Robinson: I’ve got to be stronger than what I’m up against

Tennessee Titans v Washington Commanders
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Commanders running back Brian Robinson has been back on the field for more than a month, but his media session on Thursday was not devoted to a discussion of the team’s running game or his hopes for Monday night’s game against the Eagles.

The main topic of his time with reporters was a statement released by the team in response to Washington D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine’s plans for a civil suit against the team. After Racine’s office said they’d be making a “major announcement” on Thursday, the team responded by referencing Robinson getting shot in a robbery attempt this summer.

Two arrests have been made in the shooting.

Robinson’s agent criticized the team for using his client in that manner and Robinson said that he spoke to head coach Ron Rivera to tell “him how I felt about it and put it past me.” He added that he’d like to put the shooting past him entirely, but that things like the team’s statement make that difficult.

“I wish it would be like that, but the reality is it will take a while for it to die all the way down,” Robinson said, via John Keim of “I’ve got to be stronger than what I’m up against. That’s been the case ever since it happened. I have to continue to do that.”

Robinson’s teammates also expressed frustration with the team invoking Robinson’s name in their squabble with Racine’s office, which makes it all the easier to understand why cornerback Benjamin St-Juste feels like the organization needs a “fresh start.”

8 responses to “Brian Robinson: I’ve got to be stronger than what I’m up against

  1. Brian Robinson is not an object for a coward’s self-defense: He is a man who plays professional football. What additional evidence is needed to prove this owner’s contempt for his charges?

  2. Honestly, the media isn’t much different from Snyder/team, every game the announcers have to make light of the fact that he was shot and now back playing. I think everyone is well aware of what happened, no need to keep bringing it up, but money says it will be brought up again on MNF.

  3. Seems like a really good kid and you pull for a guy like that to keep fighting through this and succeed.

  4. Once new ownership and front office staff is replaced, this organization will have a much easier time attracting free agents and retaining players that are going into free agency.

  5. Dan Snyder and that whole front office are absolute trash. This team needs to be forced to sell. The league will be better.

  6. Who remains in the employ of a vindictive, mean, corrupt coward like Snyder?! There should be mass resignations, from the front office to the coaching staff, starting with Rivera!

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