Bronco coach Nathaniel Hackett gets evasive about nature of player illnesses

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The Broncos have several players listed as questionable, due to illness. Coach Nathaniel Hackett was peppered with questions about the situation on Friday. Hackett didn’t budge.

Are the illnesses flu related?

“It’s just an illness,” Hackett told reporters.

Are they COVID related?

“[It’s just an] illness,” Hackett reiterated.

He was later asked whether players with illnesses are being isolated.

“They just have an illness,” Hackett said. “They just have an illness. There’s a lot of illness going around everywhere. My kids’ schools, everywhere.”

Indeed there is. But COVID has become a non-issue for the NFL in the 2022 regular season. The word hasn’t even been uttered since the preseason.

The last player to have it, officially, was Seahawks running back Rashaad Penny in late August. Others missing time due to COVID in the month before the season started were Colts center Ryan Kelly, Cardinals defensive end J.J. Watt, Seahawks quarterback Drew Lock, Bengals offensive lineman Jackson Carman, Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, Texans quarterback Kyle Allen, Carinals quarterback Kyler Murray, and Seahawkks coach Pete Carroll.

It’s strange to think that no player or coach has had it through half of the regular season. The more likely explanation is that players have had it, but they have either concealed or ignored the symptoms, or no one has bothered to test anyone who has COVID-like symptoms.

That’s no surprise. The world has moved on from COVID. The NFL definitely has.

12 responses to “Bronco coach Nathaniel Hackett gets evasive about nature of player illnesses

  1. You name other players that have been sick previously this season, but not the players discussed here? I guess I’ll look it up elsewhere?

  2. It’s a herby mutiny. Or nerd community? No.. Herd immunity. That’s the one! We’re back to not washing hands and everyone has a runny nose. But, there’s no rising death toll on the news show anymore. Thank God for football.

  3. I think people in China would disagree with the idea that the world has moved on. Especially those locked inside an iPhone plant.

  4. “Yeah right. It’s all about Russ(ME ME ME ME)!”

    Um, no one here is talking about him? Except you.

  5. Sounds like he’s from the school of Belichek, why give information to an opponent. But if it is Covid I would hope the organization is required to report that.

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