Matt Canada: I think Kenny Pickett is going to have a tremendous second half and tremendous career

Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles
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Steelers rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett has shown flashes of his talent in his first five appearances.

But Pittsburgh would like to get the 20th overall pick of this year’s draft going in a more positive direction over the back half of the season.

Pickett has completed 67.9 percent of his passes for 962 yards with two touchdowns and eight interceptions. He’s also fumbled three times with one lost.

Offensive coordinator Matt Canada said on Thursday that it’ll be a testament to the young quarterback if he “continues to take mistakes off the table.”

“He’s going to make mistakes; he’s a rookie quarterback in the NFL,” Canada said in his press conference. “All rookies do that. Those things occur at that position, which is so focal if it occurs, but it’s never OK. We’re not justifying. We know there’s no curve for that.

“But I think, to answer your question, what we’re looking for is for him to not make the same mistakes again. Obviously, as he evolves, and I think when you look at guys who’ve played a long time, that’s what occurs. So, hopefully he’ll do that. He’s working hard at it and had a good week to prepare. Feel good about it.”

While noting that many great quarterbacks have had poor rookie stat lines, Canada said the expectations for Pickett and the Steelers’ second half don’t change.

“We’ve got to win, and he knows that,” Canada said. “Like I said, I tell you all the time, he’s an unbelievably competitive guy, so he’s not happy with that. We’re not happy with that.

“But I think Kenny is going to have a tremendous second half of the season and a tremendous career.”

9 responses to “Matt Canada: I think Kenny Pickett is going to have a tremendous second half and tremendous career

  1. Then again this is Canada talking who is on the hot seat for getting fired. Hope he is right for once.

  2. Justin Fields turnaround over the past three games is the template to follow. Let Pickett use his legs more with designed runs, RPOs, force the safeties to come in and then take shots downfield to Pickens. The latter will take pressure off a porous offensive line, while also open up more room for Najee and the running game.

  3. No doubt about it. Every rookie makes some mistakes. But Pickett has shown some flashes of brilliance, and he keeps getting better every week. He will become one of the games elite quarterbacks.

  4. I didn’t even know where to share this for a Matt Canada firing petition, so for now, I’m hoping a lot of folks see this here. Has anyone seen this stat? Longest touchdown yardage by team. Check out Pittsburgh. Ridiculous. (not including our Def TD)
    98 – Buf
    79 – Bal
    75 LAR, WAS, ATL, CAR, HOU
    74 – SEA
    67 DEN
    66 NYJ
    65 NYG
    61 CHI JAX
    60 CIN, MIA, NO
    58 LV
    57 SF, Dal
    53 PHI, MIN
    51 DET
    45 KC
    44 NE
    41 CLE
    38 ARI
    37 GB
    32 IN
    29 TEN
    28 TB
    23 LAC
    8 PIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow

    Get rid of Matt Canada – geez.

  5. OC Matt Canada and his ass-backwards offense and play calling is the problem. It’s a shame Kenny Pickett had to cut his offensive teeth on this garbage offense. All throughout the ‘21 season Ben Roethlisberger changed just about every play at the line of scrimmage. Mike Tomlin needs to show Canada the door after the season. Find Pickett a competent OC so he can properly develop.

  6. In 4 1/2 games: 2TDs, 8 interceptions, 3 fumbles (1 lost) Call it 2 turnovers a game. Thats a huge negative. 5.8 yards per attempt is weak. His completion percentage is misleading. With a weak passing ability plus 2 TOs per game it’s difficult to win. Maybe he can improve over the rest of the season, but he doesn’t look good. The Steelers should draft a QB next year if a good one is available. Let them compete. By the end of 2023 we should know if he’s a bust. Then you have to draft a QB again.

  7. Let’s be honest: How much worse would the offense really be if we just let Pickett make up plays in the huddle?

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