Report: MRI confirms torn Achilles for Donte Jackson

Arizona Cardinals v Carolina Panthers
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An MRI confirmed Panthers cornerback Donte Jackson tore his Achilles on Thursday night, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports.

It comes as no surprise as Achilles’ injuries are easily diagnosed, but it brings an unfortunate end to Jackson’s 2022 season.

Jackson exited the fourth quarter of the team’s 25-15 win over the Falcons.

He finishes the season with 35 tackles, two interceptions, an interception return for a touchdown and three passes defensed in eight games this season. Jackson signed a three-year, $35 million contract to remain with the team this offseason.

Jackson’s absence will lead to bigger roles for CJ Henderson and Keith Taylor alongside Jaycee Horn.

6 responses to “Report: MRI confirms torn Achilles for Donte Jackson

  1. Have never seen so many injuries over the last 5 years in all my life. Man, these new nutritional supplements are really working out great. They are making players bigger, stronger,and faster. This is the cause of the injuries. Hmmmmmmmm. What a joke.

  2. Super tough injury to come back from for any player, especially a DB. Feel for the guy. That said, full recovery definitely still doable. Rehab the heck outta it & you’ll make it back. Get a masseuse on that scar tissue as soon as MD gives green light (just not one of Watson’s masseuses). YOU CAN DO IT!

  3. The more muscle you have/more finely tuned you are, the more you will sustain injuries. Anyone who has ever lifted weights seriously knows this. Im 52 now and I honestly wish I never did what I did in my 20’s and 30’s as far as heavy weight training.

    I should have stuck to sit ups and push ups.

  4. I’ve often wondered if the lack of steroids in use by athletes especially football players collegiate & professional today is why we’ve seen an increase in injuries – it seems like 20 years ago these guys could take a lot more punishment before they injured something.

  5. Not a Panthers fan but I am a fan of all players when it comes to injuries. Hope Mr. Jackson heals fast and fully and makes Comeback Player of the Year next season.

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