Stephen Jones makes it clear Cowboys will pursue OBJ

NFL: NOV 23 Cowboys at Giants
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The Cowboys are officially in play for OBJ.

Appearing on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Cowboys executive Stephen Jones made it clear that his team will indeed try to put a blue star on the helmet of Odell Beckham, Jr.

“Well, first of all, we’ve always emphasized around here that player acquisition’s 365 days a year,” Jones said. “Certainly, we played against Odell most of his career when he was with the Giants, and he’s one of those guys that, he can hurt you and I know he made a bunch of big plays against us. And he’s a free agent out there and certainly a guy that you have to be looking into in terms of how he could make our team better. Obviously, what he did for the Rams last year and their Super Bowl run, it was huge and gets to the game and it looks like he’s gonna have a MVP-type performance, and then he has the unfortunate injury.

“But, certainly, we’re always open to making our team better. To have a guy like Odell Beckham if he’s recovered from his knee, which it sounds like he has, is a great way to make your team better. So it’s natural that we would have interest in that. And certainly, like any free agent, he can go anywhere he wants in terms of all 32. But we want to make our compelling case. And certainly at the end of the day it’s about business as well. So we’ll just roll up our sleeves and see if there’s an opportunity for us to put a star on Odell’s helmet.”

The comments suggest that the effort to sign Beckham hasn’t actually begun. Given Sunday’s report from Jay Glazer of Fox Sports that Beckham expects to be cleared this week, it’s probably time to start the pursuit of OBJ. Before someone else beats them to it.

And it would make sense for the Cowboys to enter the chase. The last time he played the Cowboys, in 2020 with the Browns, he scored three touchdowns. As a rookie, he made one of the most memorable catches in league history.

28 responses to “Stephen Jones makes it clear Cowboys will pursue OBJ

  1. … and we, Washington, will still have a more talented receiver squad : ) … and we, Washington, will still have no one to throw them the ball : (

  2. All these teams freaking out about OBJ, he’s older and coming off another serious injury. I think the most he can do for your team is open up the other players.

  3. … the Jeff Saturday hiring was disrespectful to NFL coaches … granted, everyone says he’s a great dude … but, being a DAL wr (not named Lamb or Gallup), & hearing everyone in your organization, championing OBJ,
    who’s past his prime & coming off injury … “that’s” disrespectful. I fully comprehend the move, but, OBJ will not factor in DAL’s ability to win or lose the Super Bowl this year. That burden falls on their existing offensive depth chart … “Glass Dak”, getting bodies by Housewives & throwing like Romo in the playoffs … Cooper, with film on him … I see another disappointing campaign.

  4. Never gonna happen. He’d shoot his NY post-playing career in the foot if he did that because he’d instantly become persona non grata here. He got his ring and now he’s coming home.

  5. You finally have a decent start to the year, and idiots like you think it’s time to start beating your chest like your any more than a one & done come January…IF you even get that far.

    winninaintsinnin says:
    November 11, 2022 at 8:39 pm
    Notice which div leader is not begging for OBJ?

    The Hawks.

  6. Honestly he’s a perfect fit with the Cowboys. One Hit Wonder, more interested in being a celebrity than an athlete, and Jones love to make big splashes.

    I’ll write up the contract for you to Docusign.

  7. Maybe they’ve already agreed. I don’t know why Stephen Jones would put it out there if it wasn’t going to happen. Unless I’m interpreting it wrong.

  8. I just hope they put him through a workout process. Two torn ACLs is a big concern. Just don’t break the bank and two max.

  9. Why announce pursuing him? He’s a free agent. Make an offer to him and sign him or don’t. This sounds like prepping the fan base for a rejection by OBJ by being able to point to their statements to say “Look, we tried!”

  10. OBJ should go with a winner. A team with real playoff chances. Not the one-and-done Cowboys, who are the poster child of mediocrity over the last quarter century.

  11. I will never understand Dallas. Any move to put them over the top needed to be made at the trade deadline. Adding Michael Gallop 2.0 isn’t the move they need.

  12. It is not a good idea for a team to give a player so much attention where they sound desperate. In most cases the player then thinks they are much bigger than the team which can be demoralizing and break up team chemistry, and in turn leads to failure. The Cowboys are a good cohesive unit right now and given OBJ’s persona, he would more likely cause them problems in the long run. ‘New brooms sweep clean.’

  13. OBJ is coming to Seattle on a 9 game, $8M salary with playoff incentives that could bring the final compensation to $12m if the Seahawks make it to the SB.

  14. He’d be of help in NE, but FOMO on the playoffs and fear of Matty P will keep him away. But the entire situation could change for the better if NE had a true slot option. Let’s see his 3-cone drill numbers post injury…

    Rams, Chiefs, and Chargers could all throw 3-4 mil at him but it would be tight. The 9ers and Cowboys can affords a little more. The Eagles can throw the most at him. There are others, but I assume he wants to compete, and really, you can probably take the Rams out of the mix because there are too many teams well ahead of them in the Wild Card race. The Chiefs just picked up Toney so they are likely out.

    Tampa Bay and the Eagles could use him. He might want to play with Brady but their cap is tight and they would need some restructuring. The Eagles may have a #1 seed so he might like the sound of that. The Cowboys have a reputation for flaming out so he may try to avoid that. The 9ers could use him but he may want to avoid the Rams arch enemy. But with the Chargers, he has a high end QB and a chance to stay at home in LA which would be attractive. I think the Bucs and Chargers would have the inside track. Then the Eagles. The 9ers and Cowboys might be a last resort based on past failures associated with the teams, and perhaps some personal issues with playing for a team that was formerly an arch enemy. The Eagles would be an exception to that, and their 8-1 record would soothe that discomfort. The Eagles certainly have the advantage in cap space to give him an attractive deal if they think it will put them over the top and into the SB.

    Were he to go to NE and their offense morph into something very competitive, he’d be all set up for a big contract in 2023. I could see him doing that as well given his past statements about wanting to play for BB, but the Patriots are very low on cap space. Maybe they could cut their expensive punter and make room. I’m sure they could pick up a free agent punter for the NFL minimum that could do as well or better than what Jake Bailey has been able to do this season, unfortunately, as he is like the 27th ranked punter in the league. Maybe add OBJ and just go for it on all 4th downs and skip having a punter. What’s to lose, unless Bailey has an undisclosed injury holding him back that he is likely to get over soon?

  15. Doesn’t matter how many targets you get Prescott, Dallas still won’t win with him at QB. He’s exactly like Romo: fun to watch him win some games during the regular season, but he’ll NEVER deliver a post-season title. Prescott is grossly overpaid and the team has no choice but to play him. I believe Rush would have given them a better chance to win the game. Sorry Prescott fans, but the truth hurts.

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