Tom Brady elaborates on his belief that the Buccaneers are lacking in effort

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Earlier this week, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady sparked a mini-controversy by offering critical comments about the team’s effort in 2022.

“Correcting our mistakes, improving our effort — which, that’s probably the most embarrassing part of our team is our effort level on game day, and that’s something we better fix,” Brady said on his Let’s Go! podcast.

Coach Todd Bowles disagreed with that characterization, saying the struggles don’t flow from lack of effort.

During a Friday press conference, Brady was asked about his “effort” commentary.

“What can we control?” Brady said. “We can certainly control our attitude, our effort. I think everything has been below the line this year. We’re 4-5. . . . I don’t think there’s any reason to be happy about anything we’ve done. Obviously, we’re not playing to our standards – we’re not there from an effort standpoint, execution standpoint, emotional standpoint. We’ve got to figure it out – this is a good place to do it.”

They’ll be trying to do it in Germany, against the Seahawks. It’s a critical game for both teams. They’re each in first place in their respective divisions, and they’re each trying to stay there.

8 responses to “Tom Brady elaborates on his belief that the Buccaneers are lacking in effort

  1. It’s interesting that the two HOF QBs whose production fell off of a cliff this year are both playing on teams with poor effort. What are the odds?

  2. Agree with his statement or not, at least he had the sense to say “we” rather than putting it all on his teammates.

  3. Like the effort you put into your marriage?

    Think it through next time, glass house.

  4. Brady keeps saying “we” but it’s clear he’s pointing fingers at his teammates.

    Pretty clear he should have retired on top

  5. Say what you want about Brady BUT he more of leader and coach than Bowels. Brady is going to take this team on his shoulders HIMSELF and get them into the playoffs!!!

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