Tony Pollard: I definitely can do more

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The Cowboys have made clear that as long as Ezekiel Elliott is healthy, Tony Pollard will be nothing more than a backup running back. But Pollard thinks he can carry as big a load as the Cowboys will give him.

Asked about Cowboys running backs coach Skip Peete saying 30 snaps is Pollard’s max before he loses a step, Pollard disagreed.

I definitely can do more” than 30 snaps, Pollard said, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News. “I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean exactly a 30-play cutoff.”

This actually isn’t even debatable: Pollard is right and Peete is wrong. Pollard doesn’t get many opportunities to play more than 30 snaps in a game because the Cowboys give Elliott most of the snaps, but when Pollard does play more than 30 snaps he plays very well late in the game. In the Cowboys’ game against the Lions this year Pollard played 41 snaps, and his 41st snap was a 25-yard run. In the Cowboys’ game against the 49ers two years ago Pollard played 52 snaps, and his 52nd snap was a 40-yard touchdown.

But Pollard isn’t complaining.

“Whatever they ask me to do, whatever they need me to do, I got it,” Pollard said.

And if the Cowboys ask Pollard to do more, he’ll do more.

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  1. If Mr. Jones says you can only do 30 snaps a game then that’s all you’ll get and like it. Zeke needs to eat

  2. Isn’t this Pollard’s last year on his contract??? Would you put it past Jerry that he is telling them to limit snaps to do one or two things: A) Protect his health for him becoming fulltime back next year (given that they could trade or release Elliott for a lower dead cap hit) and B) Depress his value so they can re-sign him for less?

    Maybe its crazy, but it is JJ we are talking about. But everyone watching this situation knows that pollard is the dude, and elliott is grotesquely overpaid.

  3. Tbh I think Pollard should be cool with how the Cowboys are using him. They aren’t running him into the ground and unless he throws a fit about not being able to get enough carries he should be one of the few backs who is healthy and has enough tread on the tires to get a good second contract because he is prolly one of the few backs in FA a team wud want to sign to be the starter if they don’t have anyone.

  4. Pollard is not a backup. It’s near a 50/50 split as far as touches go. Plus, I don’t care what Pollard says, if you watch the YouTube video “Sounds of the game” where they record players talking on the sidelines, Pollard was definitely gassed after that last TD run. He came to the sidelines and said he was done.

  5. A) His team is winning. B) He’s making a difference when called upon. C) His career longevity is almost certainly being extended. Pollard has the smarts to know that the “star” should remain on the helmet, and the team reaching its overall objectives is the most important matter. Kudos to someone who is not all about himself.

  6. Zeke will have an NFL job linger than most of us think because Zeke is an elite pass blocker and almost just as good as a relief valve.

  7. Pollard should be the #1 back. Zeke has too many miles on him at this point. Just my take on it…

  8. Zeke gets more snaps because he gets paid more. Tony Pollard can improve his cardio and endurance during the off season. It sounds nonsensical to say that he shouldn’t carry the ball more than 20 times a game. Every NFL player gets tired; even elite players.

    Jerry will allow Pollard to get away in free agency because of his affinity for Zeke. That’s why he mention that the Cowboys go as Zeke goes. If he was smart he would just say the team goes as their running game goes. He panicked and overpaid Zeke and he’s been trying to save face all this time.

  9. Sounds like some of Jerry’s coaches are on Jerry’s secret payroll. Make sure they do well but not too well kind of attitude……we’ve seen it for many years out of Jerrah. Skip should be fired and Jerry should smarten up on who he gives a big contract to.

  10. You idiots are playing checkers while the cowboys are playing chess. You’re trying to start drama that’s not there. Jerry has the team in a great position with the running game and their D. Both of these backs need touches. Sucks for fantasy owners but great for a football club. It’s a 1a/1b situation. 1B Zeke not playing up to his contract? Sure. Does he have average numbers and block like a beast? Sure. Pay it for this season and move on. Or see if he’ll take less money and stick around. Tony can handle more than 30 snaps we’ve all seen that. But they’re winning games with the recipe they got and all you idiots try to do is add salt.

  11. garnold51 says:
    November 11, 2022 at 9:53 am
    Pollard is not a backup. It’s near a 50/50 split as far as touches go. Plus, I don’t care what Pollard says, if you watch the YouTube video “Sounds of the game” where they record players talking on the sidelines, Pollard was definitely gassed after that last TD run. He came to the sidelines and said he was done.
    Sure he only had 14 rushes that game. It was for 130 yards with three TDs. He had just finished with a 54 yard TD. Don’t forget his 16 yard reception as well. I’d think most RBs would be done. He was just in for 41 snaps against the Lions.

  12. I like both RB’s. I like Pollard a little more though. Pollard will make for a fantastic trade in the future if they are unable to unload Zeke.

  13. “Limit the better guy’s snaps.” Said no one ever. Except Jerry Jones. In fact if Jerry had been around back then, Roger Staubach’s snaps would have been limited so Craig Morton could play more.

  14. Sadly even if Pollard “loses” a step after 30 snaps he is till a step or two faster than Elliott. On the 54 yard TD against Chicago Elliott would have been tackled for a loss in the backfield. How ironic it is that although J Jones is obsessed with winning a Super Bowl without J Johnson to validate himself, his stubborn insistence to use Elliott as they do will mean that won’t happen. Nobody makes a RB whose best skill is pass blocking and “wearing down ” the defense the 2nd highest paid RB in the NFL except J Jones. But he will never admit his stupidity in signing Elliott to that contract. Thus the rationalizations about pass blocking and “wearing down the defense”. While important, you could get that for a lot less than $90,000,000…Not to mention that who plays, and how much is typically the coaches decision. Not the owner/fake GM.

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