Tyreek Hill says he didn’t intend praise of Tua Tagovailoa to slight Patrick Mahomes

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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Tyreek Hill was effusive in his praise of Tua Tagovailoa after the Chiefs traded the star receiver to Miami. Some thought Hill went too far this summer when he said Tagovailoa is more accurate than Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes even expressed “a little” surprise at Hill’s comparison of his old quarterback with his new quarterback.

But Hill sought to clear the air Friday on WQAM’s Hochman and Crowder.

“A lot of people took that as I was saying, ‘Oh [Tua’s] better than Patrick Mahomes.’ I never said that,” Hill said, via Jesse Pantuosco of 610 Sports Radio. “We all know Mahomes is playing a different ball game then everybody. The guy’s an alien.”

Hill, though, was right about Tagovailoa, who leads the league with a 115.9 passer rating and has 15 touchdowns and three interceptions.

“We played against Tua in 2020, Miami versus Chiefs, and I had a chance to watch him sling the ball. And he was completing passes to guys who are, you know, not [stars],” Hill said. “He didn’t have Jaylen Waddle at the time. I was like, ‘This guy can sling the ball.’ I already had that memory in my head.”

Tagovailoa had the likes of DeVante Parker, Jakeem Grant, Mack Hollins and Lynn Bowden Jr. before the Dolphins drafted Waddle and traded for Hill. Hill is on pace to break Calvin Johnson’s single-season receiving yards record this season.

Hill has 961 receiving yards through eight games, which projects to a 17-game total of 2,042 yards.

“This dude knows how to throw the ball. It’s very catchable and it’s accurate,” Hill said. “Once I got here, I made a promise to myself to be there every day in OTAs so me and Tua could get our connection [down].”

Hill hasn’t missed Mahomes, but Mahomes hasn’t missed Hill.

The Chiefs are tied with the Bills for the best record in the conference at 6-2, and Mahomes is an MVP candidate with 21 touchdowns and six interceptions.

16 responses to “Tyreek Hill says he didn’t intend praise of Tua Tagovailoa to slight Patrick Mahomes

  1. Tyreek trying to shove that toothpaste back into the tube.

    Shame his intermittent podcast isn’t as entertaining as his old HOF bound running buddy’s from New Heights.

    Enjoy Miami and your family, Cheetah.

  2. Hill can be a bit of a punk at times, but I think he’s handled this whole thing pretty nicely.

  3. Hill was a track star and part-time running back in college. The Chiefs drafted him to return kicks. He worked hard to become a wide receiver as a pro, learning routes and how to track and catch Mahomes arm punts. He’s now on track for the NFL Hall of Fame. Wishing him all the best.

  4. I didn’t pay much attention to Hill before he became a Dolphin. I did not have an opinion of him. After watching his behavior this season I now think he’s a really good team mate. He works his butt off, and he’s a solid team leader.

    He wasn’t throwing shade at Patrick when he got here – he was trying to support his new QB. What the heck is wrong with that?

  5. I think it’s overstating it to say that Mahomes hasn’t missed Hill. Hill’s unique speed is something that can’t be replicated in terms of its effect on an offence.
    Sure the Chiefs are scoring points, but they simply don’t have the explosive big play potential that Hill brought, as well the impact it has on defences’ coverages.
    In the long run it may make Mahomes a better quarterback not relying on such a weapon, but KC’s offence just isn’t as deadly without him.

  6. Amazing how he can backpedal faster than running forward! Seriously though, he went a little overboard with the Tua love which was a off putting for KC fans. Tua has stepped up this year with Hill and Waddle, but he was a serious question in the offseason. Mahomes was questioned about how he would do without Hill and I would say KC is just fine. They have a chance to take over that #1 seed again this weekend.
    I’m a KC native and season ticket holder for years that now lives in Southern Cali. I appreciate what Tyreek did for KC and we don’t have that Lombardi without him running WASP. This trade was a win-win as Tyreek wanted to be in Miami and Veach hit on the picks in return.
    KC is still number 1 in scoring and Tyreek just might be the 1st to break 2k in yards. It’s tiring as a KC fan to hear about Tyreek every game and from all the talking heads on ESPN and NFL Network. Let us go – the trade worked out fine for all involved.

  7. Cheetah was just speaking truth to power. I’m sure that Hull and his agent did their due diligence in researching the Dolphins before the trade. Hill had his choice of teams and he chose the Fins because of Tua’s ability to throw the football accurately. Tua’s stats show that Hill was correct…

  8. I don’t like 10. It has nothing to do with him playing for my team or not, but having interacted with him a few times i just didn’t like the guy. THAT SAID, after a game, a reporter asks you who the best qb in the league is, you say your guy. 1000 times out of 1000 say your guy is the best. come on this is not news.

  9. Tua missed three games and is within 5 tds of Patrick,has a higher QBR and has been accurate as hell. Hill wasn’t wrong. And Tua isn’t Mahomes.

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