Bills hope to keep Vikings in the dark, for as long as possible, about whether Josh Allen will play

New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills
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Bills quarterback Josh Allen reportedly will play today. The Bills, however, are keeping the official word close to the vest for as long as possible.

Adam Schefter of reiterates that it’s believed Allen will start despite an elbow injury. Schefter explains that the Bills won’t confirm any final decisions, in order to avoid giving the Vikings a competitive advantage.

On one hand, the Buffalo offense is the Buffalo offense. While Case Keenum doesn’t have the same high-end skills as Allen (then again, who does?), Keenum is nimble — as the Vikings know. Five years ago, he routinely escaped the pocket, bought time, and completed big throws on the way to an appearance in the NFC Championship for Minnesota.

The question is whether the Vikings prepared exclusively for Allen, exclusively for Keenum, or some of both. The dramatic movement of the betting line pointed to Allen not playing. And who knows? Maybe the leaks of the past 18 hours or so are part of a ruse aimed at getting the Vikings to spend the final day preparing to see Allen.

Indeed, if the Bills were truly committed to keeping it a secret, reports indicating that Allen will be playing wouldn’t have emerged at all. The Allen news shows either that the S.S. McDermott includes some loose-lipped crew members — or that they’ve pulled off the ultimate act of quarterback subterfuge.

We’ll know more at 11:30 a.m. ET.

11 responses to “Bills hope to keep Vikings in the dark, for as long as possible, about whether Josh Allen will play

  1. Of course he’s gonna play. He never wasn’t gonna play. It’s weird anyone thought otherwise

  2. This whole shroud of secrecy is so overrated. The Vikings are going to play defense regardless of who plays QB and this goes for all teams in this position. It’s not like if they prepare for Allen and Keenum winds up playing, that they aren’t going to be able to defend him. It’s football.

  3. Lol I think the 70 yard throw after injuring his arm last week was a pretty good indicator he is fine

  4. The Vikings were preparing to face Allen all week. Preparing for Case is like preparing for Allen but without the running threat.

  5. I hope Allen isn’t making a mistake convincing the Bills he’s ready to go. Its not like its his knee or an ankle thats nagging him it’s his throwing arm. He can still be an elite NFL QB with knee thats 75% can’t be an elite QB if your arm is only 75%.

  6. Really not fair if the Vikes don’t know which QB is going to absolutely dominate their 20th ranked defense.

  7. Opened with a 3 and out for the Bills and a Jefferson TD drive for the Vikes. Guess that’s a good start

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