Dolphins cruise to 39-17 victory over Browns

Cleveland Browns v Miami Dolphins
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The Dolphins have improved to 7-3 after rolling to a 39-17 victory over the Browns on Sunday.

Miami scored on six of its first seven possessions and the only time the offense didn’t score was when it was stopped short of the sticks on fourth down.

The Dolphins ended the game without a single punt.

Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa threw for three touchdowns and no interceptions for the third consecutive game — though this time he did not eclipse 300 yards.

That’s in part because the Dolphins’ run game was excellent. In just his second game with the Dolphins, Jeff Wilson rushed for 119 yards on 17 carries with a touchdown. Raheem Mostert had eight carries for 65 yards with a touchdown.

In all, the Dolphins rushed for 195 yards on 33 carries, averaging 5.9 yards per attempt.

Tagovailoa finished 25-of-32 for 285 yards with three TDs. Head coach Mike McDaniel inserted Skylar Thompson into the game with 4:05 left in the fourth quarter for mop-up duty.

That the Dolphins won in blowout fashion is particularly notable since the team got four catches for 66 yards from Jaylen Waddle and five catches for 44 yards with a touchdown from Tyreek Hill.

For the Browns, nothing much went right after the club scored a touchdown on its opening drive. Running back Nick Chubb had 63 yards on just 11 carries with a 33-yard touchdown early in the fourth quarter.

Now at 7-3, the Dolphins will have their bye next week before hosting the Texans in Week 12.

At 3-6, the Browns will continue a tour of the AFC East by playing the Bills in Buffalo in Week 11.

25 responses to “Dolphins cruise to 39-17 victory over Browns

  1. Browns are still the biggest joke in the league. I can’t wait until we crush them in our rematch. Go Steelers!!!

  2. Good all around win. Defense played well. Offense was fantastic in both passing and rushing. The 2 missed PATs are a bit concerning though. Those blunders lead to losses in close games. Tua is excellent and deserves all the praise this season. Phins Up!

  3. How is Stefanski not on the hot seat? Game plan is suspect every week. The team needs more than just Watson, it needs a leader.

  4. Miami needs to bring in some kickers for a tryout. At the very minimum it would wake Sanders up and put him on notice. He cost the team 3 wins last season and it’s only a matter of time before he costs the team a game this year.

  5. For all the crudd Tua has taken this season has to be sweet. Defense finally showed up. With Watson coming back Browns should be better.

  6. Congratulations Miami – you guys won today on both sides of the ball & your OL looked much better especially keeping Tua relatively safe. You guys are definitely on the right track & enjoy your bye next week.

  7. *Tua over-threw Hill twice today btw. I love hater tears – I won’t mention names. You know.

  8. I’m happy with the win. The Miami defense has started slow for many recent games. I’m pretty sure this should be addressed considering the $$$ investment we have in many ‘talented’ players. Amazing how this same defense is sorta the joke of the team compared to recent years.

    (I’m staring at you X and Byron.)

  9. The Brown’s struggle at all facets of the game from the owner,coaches and players this team has no identity. Stefanski isn’t a NFL coach he has done nothing to show the Browns fan’s that he can make this team winners.
    Your top 2 defensive lineman box score

    Garrett 2 Total Tackles

    Clowney 1 Total Tackle


  10. and to those who keep saying ‘wait till Watson comes back’….he doesn’t play DEFENSE…I will personally drive Joe Woods to the airport on Monday

  11. COACHING, “it does matter,” and an OFFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY,”non existent under Flores,” are the foundation of Tua’s strong performances.
    A franchise QB is blossoming in front of your eyes.

  12. Who was that guy the Dolphins should have drafted instead of Tua? I can’t remember his name but everyone on here insisted the Dolphins messed up big time

  13. The browns make qbs look good they are awful zappe lit them up for 300 plus and 2 td’s and hes a raw rc. But I will say tua is playing the best ball of his life how long that will last who knows. Congrats to all the team in the afc east it looks like the best division in the afc.

  14. The Dolphins offense in this game was what Coach McDaniel envisioned. They finally had a consistent, explosive running attack to go with their dangerous passing game. It’s a “week to week” season, things can change so quickly, so I won’t get excited until they can clinch a playoff berth. So far, so good.

  15. Cleveland doesn’t even have a QB. This game should have been scoreless by the Browns. Big whoop. Tua will be part of the NFL’s all regular season hype team and then fade when it matters.

  16. Here we go Dolphins, here we go!! Browns need to clean house again. Owner should be forced to sell for being brain dead and move the team on a man made island in the middle of Lake Erie where it would be logistically difficult for fans to watch. Out of sight out of mind.

  17. jeffrey atkinson says:

    November 13, 2022 at 9:45 pm

    Who was that guy the Dolphins should have drafted instead of Tua? I can’t remember his name but everyone on here insisted the Dolphins messed up big time

    PREACH IT JEFFREY- What you have to love about Tua the most is his mental toughness. How many young qb’s could endure the coaching carousel of incompetence that was the Brian Flores era. Daily being told you’re not good enough. Having to answer questions about your impending replacement week after week. Being compared to career backup when you know you’re more talented, but not being put in a position to prove it. Media “experts” constantly telling you how lame you are and how one of your draft counterparts should be fitted for a gold jacket right now.

    You know what rocks? Watching all the naysayers have to eat a double helping of crow- PRICELESS

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