Dre Greenlaw ejected for hit on Justin Herbert

Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers
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The 49ers will be without linebacker Dre Greenlaw for the rest of Sunday’s game.

Greenlaw was ejected late in the second quarter for a helmet-to-helmet hit on quarterback Justin Herbert.

Herbert took off running on third-and-6 and made it past the sticks for a first down. But he was hit hard by multiple players as he crossed the line to gain, with the hit from Greenlaw drawing the flag.

It’s notable that Herbert was a runner on the play. But Greenlaw was ruled to have used forcible contact on the helmet-to-helmet hit.

After sustaining the hit, Herbert was removed from the game to be examined. But it didn’t appear he’ll be out for the second half.

The Chargers lead the 49ers 16-10 at halftime.

9 responses to “Dre Greenlaw ejected for hit on Justin Herbert

  1. And yet they picked up the flag on the hit on JuJu. The lack of consistency of the refereeing is just embarrassing.

  2. Absolute terrible rule. 49ers will make this trade all day long. If Herbert gets helmet took as a result of an illegal hit, Jimmy should be unavailable until Herbert is cleared to go back in.

    I agree with NBC about 3rd QB rule. David Webb should have been in the game instead of Barkley having to be the Giants emergency QB earlier in the year.

  3. Atrocious call. Referees across this league are truly making the sport less watchable by the day because of their sheer inability to perform the simplest functions of their jobs.

  4. It baffles me how this resulted in an election. If it was as egregious as NY thinks, why is the helmet to helmet contact to the side of greenlaws helmet? It is pretty much right on the 49ers logo, maybe even closer to the back of the head than that.

  5. The NFL has now inserted the LA Rams into the SB in 18. Won it for them last year with a phantom PI to ruin the entire game and 2022 season by deciding the SB …for the LA Rams.

    They’ve given all they could give to LA Rams….is gifting wins to LA Vhargers next?? ….they sure tried. this was hard to watch the missed helm to helm hits on James and quick eject on Greenlaw. Reminded me of all the Helmwt hits and late hits Jimmy G took in the supwr bowl, and the 3rd down where Chiefs DE jumped 5 yards offsides without a call.

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