Justin Fields continues his spectacular running performance

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
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A month ago, the Bears’ coaching staff decided to unleash quarterback Justin Fields‘ running ability. And the Bears’ offense hasn’t been the same since.

Fields makes one spectacular highlight-reel run after another, with the most recent being a phenomenal touchdown run against the Lions in the closing seconds of the first half today at Soldier Field.

At halftime, Fields has 69 yards on 8 carries, with one touchdown, and the Bears and Lions are tied 10-10.

Fields may have surpassed Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson as the best running quarterback in the NFL, but the Bears’ passing game remains a liability, and Fields has thrown for just 51 yards at halftime.

The Lions and Bears have only slim playoff hopes, but they’re playing a competitive game for the first 30 minutes in Chicago.

5 responses to “Justin Fields continues his spectacular running performance

  1. This is not sustainable. Give this kid some weapons so he doesn’t have to run as much.

  2. It’s called bad tackling! I find if funny how many pundits are stroking this guy after a few good rushing games. 4 weeks ago he was a bust and he still can’t throw!

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