Justin Herbert cleared to return in second half

Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers
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Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert was cleared to return for the second half.

“He’s OK,” coach Brandon Staley told NBC sideline reporter Melissa Stark at halftime.

Herbert was removed from the game for a required neurological exam after taking a helmet-to-helmet hit. 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw was ejected for the hit with 30 seconds remaining until halftime.

Herbert returned from the locker room wearing his helmet and warmed up on the sideline before the second half kickoff.

Herbert completed 14 of 21 passes for 161 yards and a touchdown in the first half.

The Chargers lead 16-10.

12 responses to “Justin Herbert cleared to return in second half

  1. I thought the new rule was to keep them out as a precaution even if they clear and are fine. That’s what they did to Bridgewater and he never had a concussion

  2. That hit was scary. I don’t see how he DIDN’T get concussed. Perhaps it’ll be delayed symptoms, i.e. Matthew Stafford last week.

  3. Good to hear “Doctor” Staley give his opinion. After the mess with Tua, I’m amazed the league or coaches are still commenting on this stuff.

  4. Or Josh Allen’s clear concussion today and nothing happened.Teams are going to cheat with it and Goodell will back like he did with Miami, but karma always comes.

  5. Can anybody explain to me the “genius” of Kyle Shannahan? I don’t see it. Chargers have nobody on defense, missing 4 of their top 5 receivers and the game is at home. Has weapons all over his offense and never seem to score more than 20. I don’t get it. And everybody is into Deebo, they better find a better use for him. He’s useless right now.

  6. Herbert has to be one of the most overrated quaterbacks I’ve ever seen. For all the hype he came with before the season he sure is disappointing. He may have a howitzer for an arm but his throwing mechanics and footwork are subpar. He throws too much of a line drive on passes that need air under them and his 3/4 delivery does not allow him to make soft toss floaters out into the flat. The one thing I’ll give him is he sure is tough. I believe the Dolphins gof it right by taking Tua before Herbert. His accuracy is supreme and he is a much better passer of the football than Herbert. Sorry Charger fans, your QB is meciocre at best.

  7. So this defender gets ejected for his helmet to helmet tackle, In the Chiefs/Jags game there were 2 such tackles made by the Jags defenders, flags thrown, only to be picked up. No foul on the play, plus a 12th man on the field lined up on the line, no flag thrown. These refs are getting bad.

  8. This goes to show the inconsistency of officiating in the NFL. JuJu Smith-Schuster, while defenseless after a catch gets clocked and has to leave the game with a concussion, but there is no penalty, let alone and ejection, yet for Justin Herbert while a acting as a runner going for max yardage gets hit and not only is there a 15 yard penalty but an ejection to boot. I don’t really care what the rules are, I just want them officiated consistently.

  9. In the meantime, while Goodell and the NFL played politics with a serious health issue and they made Tua sit out for 2 weeks (clearly games the Dolphins would have won). Herbert and Allen should have been removed yesterday. The irony is they both lost anyway. The Officiating is getting downright horrible, not just inconsistent.

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