Leonard Fournette throws interception intended for Tom Brady on awful trick play

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Seattle Seahawks
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The Buccaneers have just found a trick play that they need to remove from the playbook immediately.

In one of the worst plays you’ll ever see in an NFL game, Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette threw a pass to quarterback Tom Brady. Yes, Fournette threw to Brady.

Did Brady catch it? He did not. Instead, Brady slipped and fell, and the pass was intercepted by Seattle’s Tariq Woolen.

To top it all off, Brady stuck his leg out to try to tackle Woolen, and he was flagged for tripping on the play.

The Bucs’ offense and defense have both been playing well all game, and it makes no sense that Tampa Bay felt it needed to run a play like that. But at least it was funny.

17 responses to “Leonard Fournette throws interception intended for Tom Brady on awful trick play

  1. The beauty of the play was that it kept the game close, we were all entertained, and nobody noticed that NFL games are all one score at the end with the big market/famous players winning.
    So exciting!!!

  2. No, Brady didn’t stick his leg out to try to tackle Woolen, he stuck it out to try to TRIP Woolen. That is why the flag was thrown. That’s how penalties work. Even if you’re Tom Brady.

  3. When Brady lines up at the sideline in a previous play, he wasn’t covered at all, so I guess Leftwich thought they’d try this. But why didn’t they tell Fournette not to throw the pass if Brady was covered? Better yet, why run this cursed play at all? The only good thing about it is that even Brady should now have learned to veto that play forever.

  4. Tripping the defender with his leg? Leave it to cheatin’ Tommy to demonstrate new ways to be a poor sport!

  5. I’m hardly a Brady or Bucs fan, but that type of stupid play calling is going to get him broken in half

  6. Byron Leftwich is a real man of genius

    “Today we salute you, totally inept playcaller!”

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