Patrick Peterson: Vikings expected, and wanted, to face Josh Allen


The Bills were trying to play a Jedi mind trick on the Vikings regarding the identity of their starting quarterback on Sunday. The Vikings ultimately got the droid they were looking for.

After the crazy, insane, insane, crazy showdown in Buffalo, which resulted in a 33-30 overtime win for Minnesota, I asked cornerback Patrick Peterson if the Vikings expected to see quarterback Josh Allen, given the mystery the Bills tried to construct.

“We knew he was playing,” Peterson said. “That’s who we wanted to play. We wanted to play this team at their full strength because we’ve been hearing enough about we haven’t played good teams, we haven’t played good quarterbacks. Well, we just did it today and we won from coming back, you know, so what you gonna say now?”

There’s no much left to say. The Vikings keep finding ways to win. They hadn’t beaten a great team on the road — in years.

They did it on Monday. It was perhaps their biggest regular-season win as the visiting team since 1998, when they beat the Packers on a Monday night at Lambeau Field, it what was the national coming-out party for rookie Randy Moss.

For third-year receiver Justin Jefferson, it was a day to make a stream of clutch catches — and for quarterback Kirk Cousins to make one clutch throw after another. And for someone else to step up when the team needs someone else to step up.

There’s still a long way to go this season. But the Vikings are altering perceptions and realities by doing what they haven’t done in a long time. They took the show on the road and stuck it to an elite team. And they wanted that elite team to be at its most elite.

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  1. There’s no way the Bills are at their “most elite.” They, and Allen, played terrible in 2nd halfs the last 3 games, losing big leads, and their secondary was missing BOTH All-Pro safeties and an All-Pro cornerback, and an up & coming defensive end, not to mention LB Tremaine Edmunds left the game. Now, if Allen didn’t fumble the snap at the goal line, they would’ve ran out the clock for the win and the Bills wouldn’t have fallen to 3rd place in the AFC East. Jefferson did play great, and Dalvin Cook broke off a big run for a TD so props to them. Peterson got two Allen gifts.

  2. Nice job today 7, but’s let’s not worry about what they are saying just stay on mission!


    Hat tip to the Bills incredible game today!

  3. “so what you gonna say now?”

    I’ll say it, WIN THE SUPER BOWL!

    This wasn’t the big one. go get it.

  4. Wish they played the Dolphins at full strength. Maybe they can get another chance if they make it to the Super Bowl.

  5. JJ is unbelievable. He carried the Vikings for 4 quarters. When he went, the Vikings went. When he didn’t go, The team didn’t go, and Cousins was making mistakes.

    That said, let’s not act like the Bills didn’t choke ANOTHER memorable game away either. This game was in the bag, even from a Bills fan’s perspective. And then, even when it became close again, can we REALLY give the Vikings any credit for the Bills fumbling a snap ON THEIR OWN when the game was already won for the Bills?

    As far as JJ’s amazing catch. Absolutely incredible. He’s a beast. Again I give him all the credit in the world as a Bills fan. BUT they coach you to knock that ball down. And if Cam Lewis (from the Bills practice squad) does his job, it’s Game Over right there. But that’s why the Bills are the Bills. As much as we want to say we learn from these types of games, we clearly do not.

  6. Of all the decisions and play calls that could have been made by Buffalo on their own 1-yard line, a QB sneak had to be the worst. Even if there was no fumble, the best they were going to get was the ball on the 2 with how they were all stacked at the line.

  7. They are a pretty good team with a bad QB, Cousins should vemeo half his salary directly to Jefferson every month, that guy keeps bailing him out, otherwise they have talent to rival anyone.

  8. Josh Allen continues to try to do too much. The fact this team l doesn’t have a power running component to them os laughable. Cold weather and a power running game would give Buffalo such a psychological edge vs the opponent but yet they want to Chuck it all over the field and let Allen play hero ball.

  9. I’m sure the Cousins’ haters are still out there that he hasn’t defeated an undefeated team yet or hasn’t won more playoff games than Lame from Baltimore. He is beating team with winning records so that is now off the hate list.

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