Sean McDermott: Josh Allen is a special player, better days ahead despite game-ending pick

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills
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Bills quarterback Josh Allen ended today’s loss to the Vikings with an overtime interception, but he hasn’t given his coach any reason to doubt him.

Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott was asked after the game what he told Allen, and McDermott answered, “That I believe in him.”

“I believe in him. That’s really where it starts,” McDermott said. “He’s a special person, special player, he’s the leader of our football team. Better days ahead. This is life in the NFL, unfortunately. It’s going to be a hard one to go to bed tonight with, but that’s why they put us in these positions.”

The Bills certainly believe in Allen, their franchise quarterback whom they signed to one of the most lucrative contracts in NFL history. But it’s fair to point out that Allen has thrown an NFL-high 10 interceptions this season, and the Bills need him to make better decisions in big moments. Allen shook off an elbow injury to have a big game today, but in the end he came up short.

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  1. Bills fans have been through this. We were written off after the “Hail Murray,” and the Pats “wind game” win last year.

    Going into the final week of this season, I’d be surprised if they weren’t in the mix for the 1 seed.

  2. Bills boxers got into battle with street fighters. End result was wild. Love to see a best of 3 series of these two, and hopefully a true rivalry forms.

  3. Not Josh’s fault. The OC is an I D OT. Josh was running and the Vikings couldnt stop him. Then the OC decides to throw instead of running the ball.

  4. Allen is a great talent, but his talents will be wasted up there in Buffalo just like Dan Marino had his talent wasted in Miami in the 80s. Surrounded by talent on both sides of the football, but cursed with run of the mill coaching, and yes Shula was consistently outclassed on many occasions which is why Marino was denied that ring.

  5. There would be 75 comments on here already if Lamar, Kyler, Fields, or Dak made the mistakes Allen made today

  6. Nothing worse than a QB who’s careless with the football. Seen his type before — shines for a minute before flaming out.

  7. Why is this even a question? the dude will automatically get you to the 10 yard line with his legs. Dude ran circles around us today. They had a game winning TD but some guy names Shelly had the pass break up of the year

  8. Can‘t believe they are not kicking the FG and then go with a high risk playcall. You play to your strengths if you really want to win, which in this case would have been spreading 5 out including one TE and then either do a QB draw or QB rollout, because Allen is trucking people and he would have easily run for the first down.
    I don‘t know what the Bills coaches (HC and OC) are trying to prove, but making him throw into coverage in the endzone is not a “we believe in you“ playcall. It‘s either a reckless playcall or simply a sign they don‘t trust their offense to finish the opponent on the next drive. Allen reacted in an impatient way to the reckless playcalling both times and as a consequence he threw an interception each time they asked him to bail them out.

  9. Some people blame Allen, others blame coaches. Buffalo has the number 1 defense I think. I’m a Vikings fan and rather see Case Keenum any given Sunday. I mean Allen may be seeing ghosts, but Cousins threw an interception to a ghost wearing a Bill’s jersey! The difference in this game after a couple years in purgatory is the Vikings have found a way to win these close games.

  10. Bet the mafia doesn’t think Mac is coming strapped! First it’s the same old Jets, then Kirk and the Vikes get a reality check…. then Buffalo walks into a 7-4 buzzsaw! Count it.

  11. Kick the fg in 4th and 2.. ok.. don’t…int..Make the mistake.. ok redeem yourself take the intentional safety.. or hand it off to gain some yards and if he gets tackled.. safety. Anything but a fumble there..
    Nope… fumble TD… Allen’s mistakes and bad coaching choices are single handedly pushing these bills into wild card territory.. if they are lucky

  12. Allen threw two interceptions in the end zone and fumbled in the end zone. And his coach could have kicked an easy field goal and went for it instead.

    They better start making better decisions or they won’t even make the playoffs.

    Also, historically running QBs don’t last in the NFL, AKA Vick, RGIII, etc. etc.

    I think the Viking’s finally have a great coach.

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