Walt Anderson: Gabe Davis catch should have been reviewed, would have been reversed

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills
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The final drive of regulation in the #NuttiestGameEver between the Vikings and Bills featured a sideline catch by Buffalo receiver Gabe Davis that appeared to be not a catch. The play was not reviewed, because the replay assistant did not activate the automatic process that applies in the final two minutes of regulation. The Bills went on to kick a field goal that forced overtime.

After the game, NFL senior V.P. of officiating Walt Anderson spoke with a pool reporter about the decision. Anderson admitted that the play should have been reviewed and that, if it had been reviewed, the ruling on the field would have been reversed.

“It was a significant distance down the field,” Anderson explained. “And even though it happens fast and Buffalo hurries to the line of scrimmage for the next play, if the replay official can’t confirm it was a catch on that long of a completed pass, we should stop play to ensure it is a catch.”

So why wasn’t it reviewed?

“We will spend a lot of time analyzing the video and audio with the crew,” Anderson said. “I’ll have to find out from the replay official exactly what he didn’t feel like he saw to stop the game.”

Anderson also admitted that the ruling on the field would have been reversed, if the replay process had been activated.

“We were able – several plays after – to look at all the angles,” Anderson said. “It would have been reversed to an incomplete pass because he did not maintain control of the ball after he hit the ground and the ball touched the ground out of bounds.”

Kudos to Anderson for admitting the error. That said, it would have been much more of a challenge to be so candid if the Vikings hadn’t won the game in overtime.

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  1. I mean, we didn’t need to hear that – it was OBVIOUS that he didn’t have control, and also pretty obvious that they should have reviewed that.

    I would have been pretty upset if I was a Vikes fan and we lost the game because of that. It kind of worked out like it was supposed to.

    I’ll get downvoted, but this is actually a compliment: I think the Bills are a better team, but the Vikings are a more clutch team, at least at this point in the season.

  2. Thanks for nothing. We must have KC, Buffalo win, the NFL darlings. Not the 8-1 Vikings. Oh well on to 9-1

  3. This has to improve. There is no valid excuse for not reviewing the play. It calls the integrity of the officiating into question. It’s not a mistake, it’s deliberately ignoring a non-catch.

  4. All talk, no action will be taken once again.. Reprimand it so it doesn’t happen again. No excuses for that whatsoever!

  5. Because someone somewhere made a wager & oops the official forgot to hit that button…or whatever he’s SUPPOSED to do and just like that – that someone either enjoyed a financial windfall or crushing heartbreak! Tell me again games can’t be rigged!

  6. Ya. Everyone knew that. Interesting how the commentators said nothing during the game. Are we believe they also don’t know the rules? Or we’re they just covering for the “beloved” shield?

  7. Buffalo also had 12 men on the field on Minnesota’s 1st and goal in OT. Refs were absolutely awful and that whole team of Refs should be reprimanded, at least…should be fired. If not…there’s a serious problem here. It sure looked like they had been paid by Buffalo. Not even kidding. It was that bad. How do you not review that play? How do call PI on the very next play? How do you miss 12 players?

  8. The officiating was bad all game long. Phantom holding calls on the oline mixed with constant no calls on the d backs. Same old thing year after year. It won’t be fixed until the fans demand it. NFL could care less. The money keeps flowing.

  9. Horrible officiating all game. Calling offensive holding and offensive pass interference when it was not. Then not calling defensive holding multiple times even when the WR’s shirt is stretched out.

  10. Sorry, but no kudos to something that is so blatantly obvious. The only explanation there can be is that the replay official was in the bathroom

  11. I’m telling you this & don’t know IF the NFL or whomever keeps statistics on blown or missed calls but since they’ve legalized gambling on NFL games I’d bet they’re off the charts! Either that or the refs need to be required to know the rules & pass a referee aptitude test EVERY OFF-SEASON. I’m a Bills fan from way back in the 70’s and can tell you today’s bungling by the those proverbial keystone cops of referees tried to give Buffalo the win!

  12. I said this in the main story, but it’s more fitting here.

    The referee for this game was the field judge who called the controversial force out rule on the Vikings in 2003 to knock them out of the playoffs.

    Coincidence for sure, but it looks like he hasn’t learned or taught his crew anything in 20 years.

    By the way, is it only the replay official that can stop the play to review? Or can the head official blow his whistle and say, “that was very close, we should look at it.”

  13. Why do we have to have this EVERY SINGLE GAME and nobody gets fired?? EVERYBODY could see it wasnt a catch!!

  14. The NFL is doing everything to cheat the Patriots by helping the Bills. It backfired.

  15. The NFL officials are incompetent on a weekly basis. The Gabe Davis catch non-review, the uncalled Lavonte David late hit on a sliding Geno Smith, the list goes on. Constant delays in-game so they can get calls figured out, and they often get them wrong anyway. This is what you can expect from part-time employees trying to officiate at the game’s highest level, especially when the NFL over analyzes everything and just can’t seem to get the processes right. The games are becoming almost unwatchable. College Football has it figured out. Replay reviews are fast, and usually the correct call is made, meanwhile the NFL’s officiating incompetence is on display every week.

  16. That’s the problem with the whole process. Potential game changing plays then the league comes back and says “Yup we messed up” no kidding. Everyone watching the game except the person who mattered most saw an incomplete pass. How many less watched games does this have to happen in before they fix this on the Front End.

  17. It is understandable that the ref could miss the call on the field. Far less understandle that he stopped the clock because the “catch” was clearly inbounds because of his knee. Unmanageable that the booth did not review the play and unforgivable that the rule prevents a coaches challenge in the final 2 minutes.

    I was pretty neutral but glad the Vikings prevailed in this wildly entertaining game.

  18. This is the kind of crap that will make refs look even worse since FanDual has embedded itself into all sports. I doubt that is the case in this game, but the future is unknown…

  19. Replay assistant did not activate the automatic process…..lol….you would think this would be high on his list of things to do….doesn’t sound so automatic to me

  20. Was convinced the fix was in…karma had other ideas.

    And who gives a crap that nobody under 30 uses the term nutty. How is that relevant to the story?

  21. Not to mention the hold on Hockenson in the end zone and 12 MEN on defense in OT. The Vikings beat the Bills and the refs today.

  22. Walt Anderson was also not notified of Framegate II either. Not all the refs are necessarily aware of what Goodell is up to in real time.

    Until Goodell announces firings and accountability, fans will suspect cheating by Goodell. This stuff is not that hard.

    This is the only league that promotes ineptitude.

  23. Not good enough! There were at least 3-4 blatant terrible calls against Vikings, or no calls against Bills. Is PI a judgment call when the player has a hand full of Vikings jersey?

  24. It didn’t have an impact on the game did it? Everything worked out for the Vikes. Bad calls happen… a lot. They will continue to happen. If everything is reviewed up top we’d be in for 6-7 hour games. Holding and grabbing by the offensive line and CBs would have constant laundry on the field. I think we’re looking for more consistency in calls is all. Call it both ways. Don’t protect certain players because of status.

  25. if we can see it … so should the officials
    and with announcers obviously taking sides and
    what looks like favoritism from the officials …
    that’s where controversy starts !

  26. harryhands09 says:
    November 13, 2022 at 7:00 pm
    Buffalo also had 12 men on the field on Minnesota’s 1st and goal in OT. Refs were absolutely awful and that whole team of Refs should be reprimanded, at least…should be fired. If not…there’s a serious problem here. It sure looked like they had been paid by Buffalo. Not even kidding. It was that bad. How do you not review that play? How do call PI on the very next play? How do you miss 12 players?
    There were so many. The non PI or holding call on JJ, TJ then they called TJ when Tempe defender ran into him. Let’s not forget the “horse collar” in the 1st quarter when the hand never reached higher than the rib cage

  27. Procedurally, when the Vikes called time out to set up a play to try to get a first down, then are back on the field only to have a “medical time out” and THEN pull our TE off the field – just plain wrong. Vikes use the TE in those critical plays and had one of the primary targets off the field. No problem with player safety, but waste of a TO and play call.

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