Cam Lewis: If I knock the ball down to keep Justin Jefferson from catching it, we win

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills
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The Fat Lady was warming her vocal cords as the Vikings faced a fourth-and-18 at the Minnesota 27 with two minutes left. But the Fat Lady forgot Justin Jefferson plays for the Vikings.

Jefferson caught the 32-yard prayer from Kirk Cousins, making a one-hand catch while leaning back like Odell Beckham in 2014, while stealing the ball from Bills defensive back Cam Lewis.

Lewis, making his first career start at safety, had better position on the pass than Jefferson did and needed only to knock the ball down. Instead, Lewis, like Brandon Carr vs. Beckham, will be on the notorious end of one of the greatest plays in the regular season in NFL history.

“I honestly thought it was over his head, but [I’ve] just got to be more aware of the situation,” Lewis said, via Matt Parrino of “F—ing fourth-and-[18]. Knock the ball down, bro.

“I’m not a selfish player. I don’t try to be a selfish player. I’m always trying to put the team before me. Just got to knock the f—ing ball down. That’s plain and simple. I’ve got to know the situation. I knock the ball down, we f—ing win.”

Lewis, a converted cornerback, finished with eight tackles. Jefferson made 10 catches for 193 yards and a touchdown.

14 responses to “Cam Lewis: If I knock the ball down to keep Justin Jefferson from catching it, we win

  1. It’s good to hear the awareness of his mistake on this. That one decision is the difference between a win & a loss.

    He has played really well filling in. Every player makes mistakes – owning up to that and improving on them is what counts.

  2. Mental mistake and no excuses but he was beat by a ridiculous catch by a great player while playing a position he’d never played before. He’ll learn from it, he’ll be fine.

  3. That’s correct. Your team has no idea how to finish a game. Hilarious how low IQ the personnel is on that team overall.

  4. How could a correctly coached kid not instinctively know enough to knock it away in that situation? Was this preference communicated to him as a “reminder” from the sideline? Mistakes like that are due to coaching.

  5. Yeah and if the GDavis non-catch was called correctly (like everybody on the Vikings sideline and watching TV was pointing out to the refs) the game was over as well.

  6. Leadership failure – when the game is on the line, players & coaches would do well to remind to “KNOCK IT DOWN” and, get a CLEAN SNAP, take the safety if necessary, etc. When guys are tired, its Ok to remind the obvious.

  7. That’s one of about five things that the Bills did to gift-wrap this one. As usual, they beat themselves.

  8. The Bills beat themselves, spare me. They couldn’t even win with two significant non-calls (12 men on the field and the non-catch) and two lousy INTs by Cousins. The Vikings had dang bear 500 yards of offense, put themselves in position to get multiple INTs and had the Bills pinned at the 1 yard line when the fumble occurred. The Vikings won that game clearly and simply.

  9. purpleguy says:

    The Vikings had dang bear 500 yards of offense ….The Vikings won that game clearly and simply.


    How many yards of offense did the Bills have? The Vikings won but it wasn’t decisive, and it wasn’t simple.

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