Clyde Edwards-Helaire played 4 snaps, had 0 touches in Chiefs’ win over Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chiefs running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire has been fully phased out of the offense.

Edwards-Helaire, whose playing time has declined for six straight weeks, hit a new low in Sunday’s win over the Jaguars: He was on the field for just four snaps, and he never got the ball. Edwards-Helaire did have passes thrown in his direction on his first two plays, but he didn’t catch either one.

This represents a precipitous decline in the productivity of Edwards-Helaire, a former first-round pick who was the Chiefs’ starter at running back for the first six games of the season.

In yesterday’s 27-17 win over the Jaguars, Isiah Pacheco led the Chiefs with 16 carries for 82 yards. Pacheco got a season-high 35 offensive snaps, and he appears to be the top running back going forward. Edwards-Helaire may soon find himself inactive, as the Chiefs have decided the offense is better off without him.

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  1. Media was acting like this guy was Ricky Waters instead of a small back who doesn’t excel at anything.

  2. He consistently hard, give him that. But I rued the decision to pass on Johnathan Taylor at 32 to take CEH. Big booboo, and the Chiefs seldom miss on draft choices.

  3. Even Sony Michel had an MVP postseason with a ring and was better than this. Wasted 1st rd pick by KC.

  4. He’s the 3rd guy now. Sadly the chiefs don’t hit on all their picks, just like every other team.

  5. Outside of a handful of games (in buffalo 2 years ago) he HAD been a disappointment for the chiefs. But some of that could be on both the O line and Reid not using him in the first couple years. With Pacheco and McKinnon doing damage with their opportunities, it seems to be more on Clyde then I initially thought.

    Can’t believe Pacheco was a 6th round pick.

  6. And to think KC could’ve and should’ve drafted Jonathan Taylor. Chiefs would’ve probably been back to the SB. I like CEH but something about the pick didn’t sit right with me. I could be wrong but it’s like Reggie Bush not being used a lot

  7. There must be something else going on here. He’s averaged almost 4.5 yards a carry and 8 yards per reception since coming into the league 3 years ago. It’s weird they seem to just be moving on from that kind of production.

  8. CEH is difficult to peg honestly. Was he worth the first round pick? No, especially when there were signs the offensive line was starting to deteriorate. But he hasn’t been completely terrible. Pacheco being on the rise, as well as McKennon’s overall versatility, and suddenly RB position became a surprise element. Especially in an Andy Reid offense.

  9. CEH has not lived up to his draft spot for my Chiefs. The last play I remember him playing for the Chiefs, a pass bounced off of his helmet. CEH shows up for a couple of games a year. The rest of the season he is either hurt or not producing. I am glad the CHiefs have finally moved on from CEH.

  10. joedelaney37forever says:
    November 14, 2022 at 10:32 am
    He consistently hard, give him that. But I rued the decision to pass on Johnathan Taylor at 32 to take CEH. Big booboo, and the Chiefs seldom miss on draft choices.

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    They seldom miss? Have you seen your rental WRs or pricetag on the left side of the line, imported cost/talent from outside the organization. Pringle, Hardman, etc? KC has had some nice cornerstone players for sure, but too many have been imported with big pricetags and picks tossed in the process (Clark, Orlando Brown, etc).

    Your secondary has been brutal for years including a swiss cheese D that has failed them in big games.

    Do you people ever analyze your team honestly? You’re not a dynasty like you claimed and never will be.

  11. CEH was drafted #32 in the 1st round and has not lived up to expectation. But, some of that had to do with the reluctancy to commit to the running game. Our offense was built around Tyreek, Kelce and the passing game. I am not taking up for CEH, but hard to get into a rhythm when there is no flow in the running game.
    Pacheco is a physical runner who possesses more size and speed than CEH. He was a late round pick who is better suited for this offense than Clyde.
    Look at the number of rookies playing on defense that are starting to gel and we are only getting better. This team is the #1 seed yet again and only getting better.
    I won’t name any names because I don’t want to have a another post get blocked. But, there is a Patriot fan that likes to spew on the Chiefs who also gets called out on the Bills, Raiders and Jets page. Must be a great life jumping on this site to talk trash all day.
    Your boy Brady did not immediately go back to the SB after his his 1st ring. Mahomes Is 26 and the Chiefs are amongst the youngest roster in the league sitting atop the conference again. I’ll say it one more time – 4 straight AFC Championship games at home and a bunch of young guys getting better. Future looks brigh in KC. Not like in NE who is in last place in their division with the Brady glory days in the rear view.

  12. I doubt Reid has put this guy on ice. I think I remember a few games ago when Pacheco was announced as the starter that they both had about the same number of carries. CEH will probably have a big game next time.

  13. Well the Hardman haters should calm down, but KC did draft Darwin Thompson and he was very similar in size, speed, and Inability to break tackles to CEH. So obviously this is an evaluator bias for guys who lack contact balance. But great RB’s are not so easy to come by and Reid has found other ways around that. McKinnon is no slouch and neither was Damien Williams, both guys they grabbed off the scrap heap.

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