Josh McDaniels has no issue with player effort

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders
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In a post-game podium speech that seemed to be a cross between Al Pacino’s rant at the end of Scent of a Woman and the Terrell Owens passive-aggressive “that’s my quarterback” lamentation, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr suggested that others in the building don’t feel the same way he does about the effort to win games.

Receiver Davante Adams also questioned whether enough players are fully bought in.

Raiders coach Josh McDaniels, who has become the primary target of fan ire during a disastrous first season on the job, said Monday that he couldn’t speak to whatever Carr was referring to.

I don’t have any issue with the effort,” McDaniels said, via Vic Tafur of

The simple reality may be that players are resisting the arrival of The Patriot Way in Las Vegas. And even if McDaniels thinks he’s being his own guy, the truth is that he has picked up plenty of Bill Belichick’s ways by osmosis over the years. For McDaniels, it’s not The Patriot Way, it’s The Only Way He Knows.

And it’s not creating a positive way forward for the Raiders. But for the massive buyout, owner Mark Davis quite possibly would admit the mistake and move on. Or maybe Mark Davis will take a page from his father’s playbook and fire McDaniels for cause, like Al once did with Lane Kiffin.

Regardless, the franchise has hit a new low, losing to a Colts team that had the most bizarre week ever of self-inflicted dysfunction and still won. And if McDaniels will be staying, he’ll need to get more players who will buy in — before Davis decides to buy McDaniels out.

12 responses to “Josh McDaniels has no issue with player effort

  1. I’m just hoping he’s not back and calling plays for the Patriots by this Sunday. Mr.Davis, please, wait another week to fire him

  2. This person has no self awareness or leadership ability. This comes across like he has no respect for what Carr and Adams said yesterday. This coach is making miss Gruden, who despite being terrible with personnel, had players prepared.

  3. Why didn’t they just keep Rich Basacia? He took them to the playoffs for the first time in a long time.

  4. He stinks as a head coach . After he gets fired, please NFL OWNERS, do not hire him again as a HC .

  5. McDaniels was a bad hire. People forget he was a failed head coach with the Broncos, A DIVISION RIVAL of the Raiders. Second time’s a charm, not.

  6. Changing a culture is difficult and takes a lot of time. Painful time. NFL fans are not patient which is a shame because I think he can coach. I know I’m in the minority with this opinion.

  7. McDaniels has no problem with players’ efforts but players have problems with McDaniels’ coaching.

  8. I think the first time the players will work as a team is when they are helping Josh carry his boxes out of the stadium.

  9. A veteran QB like Carr should be the one getting players to buy in. He is coming up short.

  10. Watch Matt Ryan’s 39 yard run and tell me you have no issue with the players effort. Two defensive backs jogging, waiting for someone else to make a play.

  11. “Changing a culture is difficult and takes a lot of time.”

    They made the playoffs last season. Why would you want to “change the culture” of a successful team? That’s McDaniels biggest problem: He’s incapable of making adjustments or seeing any other way to do things than he saw in NE. The Broncos had missed the playoffs by one game the year before he got there and had the #3 offense in the league. McD immediately tore the O apart trying to rebuild it. Here with the Raiders he’s trying the same thing: They had successes to build on but it’s not exactly like he’s used to so everything good must be thrown out as he tries to replicate the glory days of the Pats. It’s like he never learned why things worked for BB so he just tries to make things look as close to that as he can thinking that success will somehow come along with that.

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