Justin Jefferson on catch of a lifetime: Kirk Cousins said “I might just throw this up to you”


Every great catch begins with a throw. Sometimes the throw is great. Sometimes it’s just a desperation heave-ho.

Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson made the catch of a lifetime on Sunday in Buffalo. A blend of David Tyree in Super Bowl XLII and OBJ on SNF with a dash of Jermaine Kearse in Super Bowl XLIV. After the game, Jefferson explained to Peter King of Football Morning in America that the play began with a wing and a prayer from quarterback Kirk Cousins.

“Before we left the huddle,” Jefferson said of the fourth and 18 play with the game on the line, “Kirk said to me, ‘Hey, I might just throw this up to you.’ Kirk knew. We just needed to make something happen.”

And they did. To his credit, Cousins trusted Jefferson with a throw that was in the vicinity. To his credit, Jefferson made a catch that defies physics or logic.

“I felt how close [cornerback Cam Lewis] was,” Jefferson said. “I knew it was going to be a battle for the ball. On plays like that, I don’t remember exactly what happened. But I’m going up, I’m going to fight for the ball. That’s my ball. Since ninth grade, those are the balls I think I should catch. I’m just happy Kirk trusted me and put the ball up for me to catch.”

The Jefferson catch came on the same day former Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs had made an impressive, one-handed snare earlier in the game. Jefferson is the guy the Vikings got to replace Diggs. Jefferson has become everything that Vikings ever could have hoped he’d be, and then some.

With plays like yesterday’s, Jefferson may help the Vikings get to a level they haven’t enjoyed since 1976. Overlooked in the team’s 0-4 futility in the Super Bowl is that, since losing Super Bowl XI to the Raiders, the Vikings are 0-7 in the NFC Championship.

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  1. It’s fun that the Bills are part of so many of these iconic plays and “games of the year” – but they’re on the wrong end of every one of ’em!

    That catch defied gravity. Jefferson is pretty amazing.

    Hoping that the Bills can go on the kind of run that followed the “Hail Murray” in 2020…

  2. How about that dynasty! Bills Mafia have a team that is actually in 3rd place due to the tie-breaker with the mighty Jets😂

  3. Pats fans sure are obsessed w/ the “dynasty” thing. I see that from them all over KC articles, as well.

    I don’t think I’ve heard one Bills fan mention the word “dynasty.” We just want a championship.

  4. The Bills have nothing to feel bad about. These were two evenly matched teams both of which now appear to have superior front office organizations. If that is true both will be near the top of the league for some time. It was almost a matter of which team had the last opportunity.
    Having said that, the Vikings exorcised a lot of demons Sunday, on the road, clutch game, cold weather, top notch opponent. I would even say the Vikings were lucky but the fact is they have been doing the same thing all year. The key to that is a tremendous will to win on this team and someone unexpected stepping up to make a play when it is desperately needed. One brilliant pass defensed late in the game was accomplished by a DB activated off the practice squad that day.
    Being a Viking fan, I am always waiting for the next shoe to drop but maybe………….

  5. It was a real joy watching Jefferson and Diggs on the same field. One of the greatest games I’ve ever seen.

  6. As I was watching the play, I’m thinking knock down the pass. Nope, he tries to intercept it and got it pulled away from him for an incredible catch.

  7. Greg Joseph seems destined to ruin this season, but we are flying high right now!!

  8. When you consider the context of it being 4th and 18, you lose the game if you don’t get the first down, and the fact that the DB had two hands on the ball the whole time, I don’t know how there could have been a better catch in NFL history. OBJ made a great catch but there was nobody around him.

  9. I don’t know how there could have been a better catch in NFL history
    David Tyree. Super Bowl beats a week 9 4th and 18 every time.

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