Kyle Shanahan: Dre Greenlaw ejection blew my mind

Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers
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The 49ers rallied in the second half to beat the Chargers on Sunday night, but they had to do it without the help of linebacker Dre Greenlaw.

Greenlaw was ejected late in the first half for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert while Herbert was running with the ball on a third down. NFL senior vice president of officiating Walt Anderson called the hit “a flagrant act” when he spoke to a pool reporter about why a disqualification was warranted after the game, but 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan expressed surprise about the level of the penalty during his own press conference.

“It kind of actually blew my mind,” Shanahan said, via Nick Wagoner of “I understand the penalty. I totally get that right at the third down marker, he was lowering his shoulder, but I have got to learn what that is. I get how it is with penalties and stuff because I think he did hit his helmet . . . but I thought there had to be intent and something unnecessary, and that was a big play right there. For us to lose Greenlaw for the whole game off that, that really shocked me. So, hopefully they can teach us that so we can understand why we lost one of our players.”

Herbert left the game for the rest of the half, but returned for the second half. He wasn’t able to stop the 49ers from outscoring the Chargers 12-0 on their way to a 22-16 victory.

9 responses to “Kyle Shanahan: Dre Greenlaw ejection blew my mind

  1. Looked like he launched himself like a missle at a QB already going down with zero attempt to wrap up since his arms were by side sides to form said missile.

  2. This here folks is how a Head Coach ‘flops’ in a presser, playing the ignorance card.
    “…I thought there had to be intent and something unnecessary…” says it all.

  3. It’s the inconsistency that is appalling….from game to game these types of hits happen…sometimes a flag is thrown….sometimes not…but to have New York interject itself and eject a player is downright ridiculous…and if that was any player other than a quarterback it would NEVER result in an ejection.

  4. Worst officiating of the day. The ejection is ridiculous. Penalty for lowering the helmet,… sure. The player hit was redirected because of the previous hit a split second before. He leading with the shoulder,.. until the redirect.

  5. If all calls are reviewed- for subsequent action not on game day, are Referees subject to additional discipline during the week? Because there have been some bad ones this year.

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